Author: Sonja Wegener

Populism: Long Term Challenge, Not Temporary Crisis

A few months ago, controversial outcomes, such as Britain’s disastrous decision to exit the EU and the election of the U.S. President Donald Trump has led to widespread discontent. In regards to President Trump, his anti-European ignorance has caused concern among Europe’s leaders since there has been a rise in nationalist,

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Myanmar: Fears For The Safety Of Rohingya Detainees Increase After Child Dies In Custody

At least one child, who was arrested in November 2016 by Myanmar government forces during “clearance operations” among the Rohingya ethnic minority in Rakhine state, has officially been confirmed dead. This death has raised concerns over serious human rights violations in the reclusive country. Myanmar government authorities announced that Mammud

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Is There Hope For Nigeria’s Education Crisis?

An initiative led by Nigerian Global Youth Ambassadors, called “Dreams from the Slum,” is making it possible for children in the slums of Lagos to attend school. June 16th was the Day of the African Child, and the Global Youth Ambassadors are emphasizing the importance of starting now to work towards

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Australia: Call To End Violence And Abuse Against People With Disabilities

A recent Civil Society Statement to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull calls violence and abuse against disabled people in Australia “epidemic” and “systemic,” and demands the establishment of a Royal Commission into Violence and Abuse of People with Disability, reported the Disabled People’s Organisation Australia (DPOA). Organized by the DPOA and

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Congo: Violence In Kasai Puts 400,000 Children At Risk Of Starvation

The ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Kasai region between the Congolese army and the Kamuina Nsapu movement is disrupting health infrastructure, preventing delivery of basic services, and depriving an estimated 400,000 malnourished children of life-saving interventions, warns UNICEF. The five Kasai provinces have long been troubled

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