Author: Sofia Travaglia

Putin Seeks To Use Winter As A War Weapon Against Ukraine

The day before the two-day NATO summit in Bucharest, Secretary general Jens Stoltenberg affirms Russia is weaponizing winter and using it as a war weapon against Ukrainian civilians. NATO Foreign Ministers gathered in Bucharest on the 29th and 30th of November as Russia’s ongoing invasion is threatening Euro-Atlantic peace, security,

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Giorgia Meloni And Emmanuel Macron Debate Over Migrants

Over two weeks ago, Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, and President of France, Emmanuel Macron, accused each other of betrayal after a dispute over which nation should accept migrants trying to dock from a rescue boat, Ocean Viking. Operated by a French NGO, the Ocean Viking was refused by

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Bulgaria Sends Military Aid To Ukraine

On November 3rd, the majority of lawmakers in Bulgaria’s parliament approved sending military aid to Ukraine. This decision was made with the approval of a six-point plan to decide which type and how many weapons they should send. 175 lawmakers voted to send military supplies, and another 49 voted against

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