Sofia Lopez

About Sofia Lopez

Sofia is a Political Science specialist at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on environmental degradation and sustainable development.

Consumption of Environmentalist Media: Solely Affection Or An “Attenborough Effect”?

In the age of social media, the dissemination of climate change awareness has taken on a new face. Recent examples include Netflix’s new series, Our Planet (a collaboration between the World Wildlife Fund and Sir David Attenborough) and rapper Lil Dicky’s single, “Earth.” However, it’s important to examine whether such […]

Myanmar’s Indigenous Population Faces Displacement From Environmentalist Group

Tanintharyi locals are facing displacement as their land has been taken and closed off for wildlife preservation efforts. This incident follows an already established trend of foreign entities curtailing Indigenous rights for the sake of inaccessible and often misinformed environmentalism. U.K. conservation group, Fauna and Flora International (FFI), is implementing […]

Proposal To Protect Antarctic Waters Scrapped

A plan to convert Antarctica’s Weddell Sea into the world’s largest Marine Protected Area (MPA)  was rejected during the annual summit of the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) in Hobart, Australia. The plan, originally proposed by Germany and backed by the EU, required a unanimous vote from all […]

Unprecedented Poaching In Botswana Leaves 90 Elephants Dead

In northern Botswana, near Okavango Delta (a protected elephant sanctuary, of all places), 87 elephant carcasses were found during an aerial survey of the region. Each of these 87 elephants was killed for their ivory with their skulls smashed to retrieve the tusks. Director and founder of Elephants Without Borders […]

EU Bans Halogen Bulbs: How the Environment Depends On Lifestyle Changes

With the increase of scientific research and the growing dominance of environmental movements policies to combat further damage to ecosystems, like the widespread plastic straw ban are gaining momentum . After 60 years in the market, halogen light bulbs are now banned in Europe as of 1 September 2018. This […]

Cameroonian Military Accused Of Extralegal Executions

The world was disturbed when a video was leaked showing Cameroonian soldiers abusing and murdering women and children. The soldiers are seen slapping a woman walking with a young girl, then leading the two of them along with another woman with a baby on her back, to a side road […]

Gay Couple Publicly Caned In Indonesia

Capital punishment, in various forms, is controversial for promoting violence instead of rehabilitation. On 13 July, 15 people, five of which are women, were caned outside of Baiturrahim Mosque in Banda Aceh, the capital of Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province. The detainees were accused of crimes ranging from extra-marital affairs, same-sex […]

Spain Protests As “La Manada” Resurfaces

Protests littered Spain’s streets following the decision of a regional court to grant bail to five men convicted of sexually abusing a teenage girl. The panel of judges ruled two to one that there is no risk of the men fleeing or being repeat offenders. The bail is set to […]

India’s Water Crisis Worst In Its History

Picture a circumstance in which a natural resource, that should be available to everyone not just because it is a right or a necessity for living but because it’s all around us, is suddenly becoming infrequent and increasingly privatized. No, this is not a summary of Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax;” […]

Out Of Sight, In Our Oceans

Earlier this month, off the coast of Southern Thailand, a short-fin pilot whale died after locals found it floating irregularly. Government veterinarians and members of a whale conservancy group attempted to nurse the sick whale back to health, who was vomiting pieces of plastic. However, their efforts were insufficient for […]