Lili Smith

About Lili Smith

I am currently in my final semester of study at the Australian National University, studying a Bachelor of Laws/International Relations. Within my International Relations degree I have an International Security Specialisation and a history minor. I am part of the OWP because I believe it is important to highlight current world issues that affect peace and security. I am highly motivated to report on these issues to bring to light current events that are occurring throughout the world and explain the effects they have on society. As a Correspondent for the OWP I will be reporting weekly on current events. My articles will focus on alternatives to armed conflict, conflict prevention, situations which give rise to conflict and the human impact that conflict has on various members in society.

What’s Next For Thailand?

The death of King Bhumibol of Thailand has cast a significant amount of ambiguity and uncertainty on the country’s political landscape, economy and the overall structure and stability of its society. The King was seen by many as a calming and stable influence in tumultuous times. His ruling for 70 […]

The Deficit Discourse

It seems abundantly clear with the Syrian conflict in its fifth year that Syrians will not be able to return to their homes in the near future. This has profound implications for the Syrian community, the Middle Eastern community and the global community. With the latest failed ceasefire in Syria, […]

UNICEF Report: The Growing Crisis For Refugee And Migrant Children

UNICEF has recently released a report entitled “Uprooted: The Growing Crisis for Refugee and Migrant Children”. The Report highlights that 50 million children have migrated around the world or been forced into internal displacement. Of these 50 million, 28 million have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict. […]