Sarfraz Khan

Sole Suicide Bomber Kills 15 And Wounds Approximately 40 People In Pakistan

The attack befell on the night of Saturday, August 12, 2017, when a suicide bomber driving a motorcycle collided with a military truck in the southwestern city of Quetta in Pakistan. According to the Home Minister for Balochistan, Sarfraz Bugti, “there are around 15 casualties … and around 40 people […]

Could China’s Current Developments Create Concerns For Cultivating World Peace?

In recent times, tensions are at an all-time high between China and India owing to the stand-off at Doklam in Bhutan. In an effort to prevent the Chinese from building a road through the Doklam plateau (and therefore through Bhutan), India’s Modi-led administration has sent troops to the region to […]

Three Terrorist Attacks Kill 62 And Injure Approximately 100 People In Pakistan

Three terrorist attacks in two separate cities in Pakistan left 62 dead and approximately one hundred injured last Friday. The first attack occurred during the early morning in Quetta, a Shia majority province, where a vehicle loaded with explosives crashed into a security check post killing 13, including 7 police […]

France And India Cooperate To Combat Climate Change And Terrorism

On 3 June 2017, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Paris to meet the newly-elected French President, Emmanuel Macron, with a view of fortifying ties between the two nations in order to combat pressing issues such as climate change and terrorism. Both leaders reaffirmed their support for the Paris […]