Oyewole Oginni

About Oyewole Oginni

Oyewole holds an MA in Governance & Regional Integration and an MSc in Forensic Criminal Investigation (major: election forensics). His recent research focuses on the UN Resolution 2250, small arms control, post-conflict transition, mobility and migration.

Growing Terror Threat: Explosion at Istanbul International Airport Kills Dozens

On Tuesday, June 28th, 2016, no less than 28 people were killed and 60 injured in an attack orchestrated by three suspected suicide bombers at Istanbul Atuturk, the largest Turkish international airport. Initially, a terrorist suspect opened fire at a police guarding the outside of the airport to gain access to […]

Game Theory Of Terrorism: Digging Deep Into The Roots Of Radicalization Of Boko Haramism

Increasingly, terrorism has become an unprecedented threat to global peace, security, and development. Besides loss of millions of lives and properties, political instability, psychological disorders, and an increasing population of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) with associated immigration crisis, the continuous expansions of terrorist networks and attacks are pushing up […]

End to Political Crisis and Sporadic Violence in Burundi through Dialogue

On Friday, 23rd October 2015, Burundi’s President, Pierra Nkurunziza, swore in a National Commission for Dialogue (CNDI) in order to resolve a grave on-going political crisis in the country.  The 15-member commission for dialogue was commissioned at a ceremony in Gitega. It’s primary goal is “to conduct the process of […]

Principle of African Solidarity: Somali Rebels Holding Ugandan Troops

  On Saturday, 12th September 2015, the president of Uganda speculated that the Islamic extremists in Somalia may have held some Uganda troops hostage. According to the Tokyo Associate Press (AP), President Yoweri Museveni blamed his own commanders for slackness that allowed a recent attack on an African Union base […]

Afghanistan: Taliban Suicide Bomb Attack near Kabul Airport

A bomb blast ripped through the entrance of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul at noon local time on Monday, 10 August. According to Khaama Press, at least five people, including a woman with a child have been killed, while 18 others have suffered serious injury. The Afghan Health […]

Al-Shabab’s Gorilla Attack: Islamic Militants Storm AU Base in Somalia, Leaving Many Dead

On Friday 26th June, 2015, Islamic militants from the Al-Qaida-linked Al-Shabab group attacked a remote African Union base in Somalia, causing a catastrophe that led to the death of 25 combatants while several others were injured, according to the AU mission reports and Abudi Guled (Associated Press). In a tweet, […]

Islamic State Massacre Claims 146 Civilian Lives In Kurdish Standoff

On Friday the 26th of June, 2015, the Islamic State killed 164 civilians in its offensive on the Kurdish town of Kobane, in what was called one of the jihadists’ worst massacres in Syrian history. The attack took place mostly inside Kobane and was generally recognized as vengeance for a […]

Regime Military Aircraft Fired Missiles on Idlib Province in Syria

At least 49 civilians, including six children were found dead on Monday, 8th June, 2015 as a result of Syrian government airstrikes on a town in Idlibi province, the North West region of the country. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the raid hit a square in the […]

Islamic State claims responsibility for Iraq Car Bomb Attacks in the Heart of Baghdad

On 3rd May, 2015, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a late-night car bomber attack in the heart of Baghdad that killed at least 19 people, stating that it was targeted at a Shiite Militia, according to Baghdad (AP). The two car bombs in Baghdad went off about 10 minutes […]

Nigeria Army Rescues Hundreds of Girls from Boko Haram Camps

  On 28th April, 2015, the Nigeria Army rescued two hundred girls and ninety three women during a military operation to regain the Sambisa Forest from the Boko Haram Islamist terrorist group. The group (the girls and the women) was rescued on Tuesday afternoon from Boko Haram camps in the […]