Shixi Guo

North Korea’s Nuclear Programme: Moving Towards Developing A Fully Functional Nuclear Arsenal

Introduction The standoff between North and South Korea in the Korean Peninsula has not yet been resolved and has always remained as one of the most dangerous regional flash points. Despite regional and international actors’ dedications in de-escalating the tensions, the strategic environment on the Korean Peninsula has become more […]

Duterte Asks Departure Of US Troops From The Philippines: Rationalities And Implications

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte demanded the departure of the United States military personnel in the southern islands of Mindanao. Mindanao is the Muslim-majority islands of the Philippines and the islands have been suffering from insurgency and terrorism. The remaining US military personnel are the military advisers for counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency. […]

Gabon’s 2016 Presidential Election: A Source of Domestic Instability?

Gabon, located in Western Africa, has been a relatively stable country since independence in 1960. As a former France colony, Gabon maintains its close ties with France under the system named “Francafrique”. As BBC’s “Gabon country profile” explains, Gabon receives political and military support from France in exchange for business […]