Shixi Guo

The Development Of North Korea’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Program: Faster Than Expected

While many easily dismissed North Korea’s nuclear capabilities before just three months ago, it is time to seriously evaluate North Korea’s nuclear threats. At the beginning of July 2017, North Korea announced that it had successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. North Korea officially stated that the missile it tested reached an altitude of […]

Security Dilemma In Action: The US Deployed Warships To Korean Peninsula

According to the Pentagon, the U.S. Carl Vinson Strike Group made up of an aircraft carrier and several missile destroyers and missile cruisers has been deployed towards the Korean peninsula. This U.S. action could be seen as a response to North Korea’s intensified missile and nuclear threats. North Korea has […]

South Korea’s Installation Of The First Two ‘THAAD’ Land-Based Missile Launching Vehicles: The Potential Consequences To The Security And Stability Of East Asia

Introduction On 7th March 2017, the US confirmed that the ‘first elements’ of the controversial THAAD missile defence system had been sent to an air base near Seoul in South Korea, a day after North Korea tested four ballistic missiles. According to the BBC, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported […]

Trump To Change The Nuclear Landscape In The Asia-Pacific Region

  Introduction The US President-elect, Donald Trump, alarmed the world with his recent Twitter post. According to his Twitter, Mr. Trump expressed his willingness to ‘‘greatly strengthen and expand’’ the United States’ ‘‘nuclear capability.’’ Although some of Trump’s advisors came out to claim that Trump’s Twitter could not represent his […]

The South China Sea: Why Is It Important, What Is The South China Sea Issue, And Is China Really Expanding Its Territory To The South?

  Introduction On the 15 December 2016, a Chinese naval ship captured a US underwater drone near the disputed islands in the South China Sea, which is roughly 50 nautical miles northwest of Subic Bay in the Philippines. The action of capturing the drone has triggered the US diplomatic protest […]

The One China Policy: The Cornerstone For The Contemporary Sino-American Relationship And Regional Security

Introduction Over the past few weeks, major international issues happened regarding Trump’s position on the Taiwan issue. The first incident happened at the beginning of December 2016. On December 2nd, 2016, the President-elect Donald Trump had a phone conversation with Taiwan’s leader, Tsai Ing-wen. According to Trump’s Twitter, Mrs. Tsai’s […]

Reckless Diplomacy: The Potential Consequences Of Tsai Ing-Wen’s Phone Conversation With Donald Trump

On 2 December 2016, the President-elect of the US, Donald Trump, picked up a phone call from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. According to Trump’s Twitter, the main conversation revolved around Ms. Tsai’s congratulating  Trump on his victory in the 2016 US presidential election. However, the phone conversation between Mr. Trump and […]

The UN Security Council Authorizes A New Round Of Sanctions On North Korea

In September 2016, North Korea conducted its fifth and the largest nuclear test. In December 2016, the UN Security Council unanimously agreed to impose a new round of sanctions on North Korea in response to the September test. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon describes the sanctions as the toughest […]

Thousands Have Been Displaced And Fled Due To The Escalated Tensions In Northern Myanmar

As tensions between Myanmar’s military and ethnic militant groups escalated in northern Myanmar, thousands of Myanmar people have been displaced or fled their homes. As reported by CCTV and the Dhaka Tribune, 2,600 people have been displaced and are temporarily living in monasteries in the town of Muse, and over […]

Tensions Escalated Over Kashmir Between India And Pakistan

  Over the past few weeks, tensions in Kashmir have escalated from grassroots level protests to military exchanges between two nuclear-armed states: India and Pakistan. As reported by Xinhua News, troops of India and Pakistan exchanged heavy fire and targeted each other’s positions on the Line of Control (LoC), the […]

North Korea’s Nuclear Programme: Moving Towards Developing A Fully Functional Nuclear Arsenal

Introduction The standoff between North and South Korea in the Korean Peninsula has not yet been resolved and has always remained as one of the most dangerous regional flash points. Despite regional and international actors’ dedications in de-escalating the tensions, the strategic environment on the Korean Peninsula has become more […]

Duterte Asks Departure Of US Troops From The Philippines: Rationalities And Implications

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte demanded the departure of the United States military personnel in the southern islands of Mindanao. Mindanao is the Muslim-majority islands of the Philippines and the islands have been suffering from insurgency and terrorism. The remaining US military personnel are the military advisers for counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency. […]

Myanmar’s Ethnic Peace Talks: A Landmark Towards Conflict Resolution?

The Myanmar government and military called for participation of ethnic minority armed groups to attend a new round of peace talks in the capital, NayPyiTaw, this month. The peace talks are aimed at resolving the prolonged conflicts between various ethnic minority armed groups and the government. 17 out of 41 […]

Gabon’s 2016 Presidential Election: A Source of Domestic Instability?

Gabon, located in Western Africa, has been a relatively stable country since independence in 1960. As a former France colony, Gabon maintains its close ties with France under the system named “Francafrique”. As BBC’s “Gabon country profile” explains, Gabon receives political and military support from France in exchange for business […]