Author: Shane Ward

NATO And Russia At Odds In The Black Sea Once More

U.S. and NATO forces deployed to the Black Sea in recent weeks have been met with an undeterred Russian response, prompting security concerns in the strategically important region. The USS Porter, a guided-missile destroyer, joined others as a steadfast reaction to growing Russian militarization of the waters, which have re-emerged

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The Lessons Of The Trump Presidency And The U.S. Nuclear Posture

The events on Capitol Hill on January 6, during the ongoing Congressional certification of President-Elect Joe Biden’s November election victory, stirred dismay across the world. Lieutenant General S. Clinton Hinote, a Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Air Force, likened the chaotic storming of Washington’s iconic seat of power

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Latest Activist Assassinated Complicates Afghan Peace Deal

At least two people, including the head of an independent elections watchdog, were killed in a shooting and bomb attack in Afghanistan on the morning of December 23rd. The attack is the latest in the troubled Asian state’s recent spate of killings, and provided further challenges for peacemakers, who have been

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The Future Of Biological Weapons In The Age Of COVID-19

It came as no surprise when the publishing company Merriam-Webster announced its infamous “word of the year” in late 2020. Pandemic. In a world rife with challenges that threaten global peace, security, and harmony, the COVID-19 pandemic has surged to the top almost unanimously. It illuminates yet further issues that

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