Sage Fontaine

About Sage Fontaine

Sage is a philosophy major and critical social thought minor at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts (class of '20). They are interested in understanding underlying causes of conflict around the world.

COVID-Positive Deportees Contaminate U.S.-Guatemalan Relations

Last Thursday, Guatemalan president Alejandro Giammattei became the first Central American leader to criticize the United States’s deportation policy amid the coronavirus pandemic. American deportees have contributed over a hundred new names to Guatemala’s list of infected. The new arrivals, Giammattei says, cause “serious problems” for an already struggling healthcare […]

Indians Face Increasing Poverty Under Lockdown Measures

Indian workers in the informal and service sectors are facing devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Harsh lockdown measures have removed access to transportation, employment, and assistance for many, leaving approximately 400 million people in danger of extreme poverty. According to statistics from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural […]

Italy Locks Down Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 9th, Italy set precedent as the first European country to enter a lockdown in the hope of forestalling the coronavirus, which induces the highly contagious COVID-19. As of that date, 16 million people were affected by movement and transportation restrictions, leaving a quarter of the population frozen. The […]

Two Years Later, The Rohingya Are Still Refugees

It has been two years since the campaign of violence which killed thousands of Rohingya and displaced more than 700,000 began, but fires still rage across Myanmar. Rohingya who remain in the country are confined to internment camps, imprisoned without citizenship, justice, or recourse. Those Rohingya who escaped to refugee […]