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Sage is a philosophy major at Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts (class of '20). They are interested in understanding the underlying causes of conflict around the world.

Indonesian, Malaysian Schools Closed By Toxic Haze

Thousands of schools in Malaysia and Indonesia were ordered shut Thursday amidst concerns about air quality. More than 1.7 million students have been sent home in response to toxic haze, a by-product of the forest fires that have been raging across the islands of Borneo and Sumatra since early last […]

Judge Re-Blocks Controversial Asylum Ban

In a refreshing turn from the deluge of dour news, Federal Judge Jon Tigar reinstated a nationwide block on Donald Trump’s “safe third country” asylum ban Monday. Judge Tigar had already issued an injunction against the ban, but the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the injunction did not […]

Two Years Later, The Rohingya Are Still Refugees

It has been two years since the campaign of violence which killed thousands of Rohingya and displaced more than 700,000 began, but fires still rage across Myanmar. Rohingya who remain in the country are confined to internment camps, imprisoned without citizenship, justice, or recourse. Those Rohingya who escaped to refugee […]

New Troops Further Tension In Hong Kong

In the latest efforts against three months of protests, China rotated thousands of new troops into Hong Kong on Thursday. The superpower claims the move was “routine”, but it comes at a bad time for protestors; less than 24 hours before the troops’ arrival, police denied permission for a pro-democratic […]

El Salvador Woman Freed After Miscarriage: The Problem With The Pro-Life Movement

An El Salvador woman was found not guilty on Monday after spending nearly three years in prison for a miscarriage. Evelyn Hernandez said she did not know that she was pregnant at the time of the stillbirth, and that the pregnancy had resulted from rape, but was nonetheless given a […]

Despite Eid, Kashmir Lockdown Continues

Kashmir continued to face strict ockdowns this Monday, marking eight days since India abruptly rescinded the region’s semiautonomous status. Monday also marked the arrival of Eid al-Adha, a major holiday in the Muslim calendar. But with major mosques like the Jamia Masjid closed, no means to contact family, and dwindling […]

Civilian Death Toll Rises In Libyan Conflict 1

An air raid in Libya Sunday killed nearly fifty people and wounded dozens more, Al Jazeera reports. According to the Government of National Accord (GNA), the current United Nations-recognized leading political body of the country, the attack was the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA)’s latest attempt to consolidate power in […]

Sudan Closes Schools After Student Demonstrators Shot

Schools in Sudan were suspended Wednesday after six people, including four students, were shot and killed at a demonstration in the city of Obeid. The nationwide closing will remain in effect “until further notice,” according to the state-run SUNA news agency, and is accompanied by a nightly curfew in parts […]

Rising Antisemitism Puts Jews At Risk

An Iowa man was arraigned on Tuesday after sending death threats to a Jewish organization in New York. According to CNN, Garrett Kelsey, 31, admitted in a voluntary interview that he had harassed the organization through hate-filled, antisemitic emails and phone calls. Court documents quoted one message: “My people have […]

Nations Rise In Support Of Chinese Internment Camps

37 states, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea, sent a letter to the United Nations last Friday in support of China’s policies in Xinjiang. The letter praised China for its “remarkable achievements in the field of human rights,” despite strong criticism from the West and the reported detainment, persecution, […]