Sarah Eikenberry

Angola’s Presidential Election: A Needed Change Or More Of The Same?

After 38 years under the same president, Angola is finally set to have a new president. Longtime leader Jose Eduardo Dos Santos is stepping down, thus opening up a new chapter of possibilities for the sub-Saharan country. It seems rare to have a long-time leader voluntarily step down, especially in […]

Segregation: Another Part Of “History” That Won’t Remain In the Past

Recent events are a grim reminder to many Americans that what we like to believe is in the past is still very much alive in the present. In 2017, the news looks a lot like how it did in the twentieth century – minus the president’s tweets, of course. The […]

U.N. Warns Of Genocide In C.A.R As Six Red Cross Volunteers Are Announced Dead

The deaths of dozens of civilians and six Red Cross workers were announced on Wednesday, just one day after the U.N. declared early warning signs of genocide in the Central African Republic. The aid workers and civilians died in a clash between an armed group and a self-defence group in […]

Another “Marry-Your-Rapist” Law Falls, This Time In Jordan

On August 1st, the Jordanian government voted to repeal Article 308, a provision of the law that allows rapists to avoid punishment if they marry their victims and stay with them for at least three years, as long as the victim is between the ages of 15 and 18, of […]

Congolese Warlord Wanted for Mass Rape Turns Himself In

An infamous Congolese warlord, wanted for crimes against humanity, turned himself in to the United Nations Peacekeeping mission on Wednesday. Ntabo Ntaberi Sheka is the founder of an armed group based in eastern DRC known as Nduma Defense of Congo, a militia notorious for rape, mutilation, and overall destruction. There […]

Politicizing The Female Body: The Problem With FGM

200,000,000. It’s roughly the size of Brazil’s Population. It’s the number of people who use Instagram stories every day. It’s also the number of women in the world who have undergone Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM. FGM may not be at the forefront of your mind—it’s a problem usually thought […]

Another 38 Mass Graves Found In Kasai Remind World Of Horrors Happening In The DRC

The United Nations has reported the discovery of an additional 38 mass graves in the Democratic Republic of Congo, making the total count of mass graves found in recent months at least 80. The mass graves were found in the Kamonia territory of Kasai province, an area that has been […]

Attack On Egyptian Military Base Kills 23 Soldiers In Northern Sinai

A suicide bomb attack at an army checkpoint in a remote part of Sinai has left at least 23 Egyptian soldiers dead and dozens more injured, security sources confirm. The attack, which took place on Friday morning, began when militants in roughly 24 SUVs arrived at the compound, at least […]

Yemen’s Cholera Outbreak Shines A Light On A Country on The Brink Of Disaster

In the midst of a bloody civil war, Yemen now also faces the “world’s worst cholera outbreak,” according to the United Nations. The disease threatens a country that already faces a massive humanitarian crisis caused in large part by years of instability, poverty, and conflict. Overshadowed by the war in […]

Only Half Of Food Aid Delivered To Nigerians In Dire Need

The Nigerian government reported on Sunday that up to half of the food aid meant for people who have fled the country’s Islamist insurgency has not been delivered. The incident was called a “diversion of relief materials,” which many say is a euphemism for theft. Unfortunately, such ‘diversions’ appear to […]