Sebastien Miller

About Sebastien Miller

Sebastien recently graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology focusing primarily on state violence and terrorism. He is currently undertaking a Masters in International Relations and International Law.

International Concern Over Miscarriage Of Justice As 36 Executed In Iraq

Iraq has faced criticism from human rights groups this week following the hanging executions of 36 people. The 36 men were hanged on Sunday the 21st of August, after they were found guilty of involvement in the 2014 Speicher massacre, in which up to 1,700 Shi’ite military recruits were slaughtered […]

Civilian Massacre In DR Congo Causes Further Civil Unrest

  Scores of civilians were killed in the northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo last Saturday, August 13th when an unidentified group attacked a village near Beni town in North Kivu. The Governor of the North Kivu province, Julien Paluku, confirmed in a statement that at least 22 men and […]

Fears of Further Human Rights Abuse After Scores Killed During Peaceful Protests In Ethiopia

On the 6th and 7th August, over 90 people were killed during peaceful anti-government protests in Ethiopia. Protesters were met with violence from security forces as they took to the streets across Ethiopia’s Oromia and Amhara regions. Video footage and witness reports suggest that demonstrators were fired upon with live […]

Transparency, Police And The Public: Searching For Peace In The Age Of Personal Surveillance Devices

  Every week it seems there is a plethora of new videos posted online that capture occasions of state actors, typically police, allegedly abusing their powers, or employing the use of seemingly unnecessary violence or deadly force. Police violence, passive or overt, is not an issue endemic to a single […]

Assault on Military Base in Mali Sparks Fear of Rising Instability

Seventeen soldiers were killed and a further 35 wounded after Islamist militants launched an attack on a military base in Mali on Tuesday July 19th. Islamist militants from three local groups are believed to have carried out the coordinated raid in which a government base in Nampala, central Mali, was temporarily […]

Extrajudicial Killing In The Philippines: Protecting Human Rights In The Wake Of Presidential Endorsement

  On the 30th of June, Rodrigo Duterte took office as the president of the Philippines. In the first five days of his leadership a reported thirty “drug-dealers” have been killed and US$20 million worth of narcotics seized in police operations across the nation. Duterte’s presidential campaign was heavy on […]

Borno State: 5,000 Hostages Freed from Boko Haram, UN Releases $13 Million in Aid

  More than 5,000 hostages were liberated from Boko Haram controlled territories in northeastern Nigeria on Sunday June 26th. The operation, composed of Nigerian army soldiers with support from members of a local grassroots security force, took place across fifteen remote villages in the northeast of Borno State. Four villages, […]

Reconsidering The Place Of Conscription In The 21st Century: A Review Of The Eritrean National Service Program And Human Rights Discourse

  The United Nations has issued a report recently condemning Eritrea for committing crimes against humanity. The report, published by the U.N. Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights, accused the East-African nation of breaching a plethora of basic human rights, pertaining primarily, but not limited to, the “enslavement” of […]

Border Clash Between Eritrea and Ethiopia Erupts in the Wake of Condemning U.N. Human Rights Report

Reports of violence between Eritrean and Ethiopian military forces along their shared border surfaced on the morning of Monday June 13th. The fighting, which included artillery strikes is said to have begun on Sunday in the highly contested Tsorona area. Both sides claim to have inflicted casualties upon the other, […]

Philippines: President-Elect Encourages Extrajudicial Killings To Curb Nationwide Crime

  The president-elect of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has publicly encouraged the extrajudicial killing of suspected drug dealers this week. In several addresses to his supporters, Duterte has taken the opportunity to offer both medals and bounties to members of the public for the summary executions of criminals, whilst reiterating […]

Tension Builds in Democratic Republic of Congo as Protests Against President Turn Violent

Planned nationwide protests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) turned violent after security forces clashed with protesters on May 26th. Thousands took to the streets to protest president Joseph Kabila’s reluctance to schedule an election that is due to take place this November at the expiry of his second […]