Shannon Dang

“Un Violador En Tu Camino”: Chilean Women Say No

“Y la culpa no era mía, ni dónde estaba, ni cómo vesía” “and it wasn’t my fault, not where I was, nor what I wore”   On the 20th of November 2019, a group of women wearing blindfolds and bandannas staged a protest in Valparaíso, Chile. Amid the widespread anti-government […]

Lessons Learned From The Case Study Of Bolivia

The spiral of political instability in Bolivia is deepening down at a rapid rate. On 20 October, incumbent Evo Morales won 47.07% of the vote, securing himself another term as the President of Bolivia. However, doubts cast from the audit by the Organisation of American States mission of Electoral Observers saw […]

The Silence Is Deafening

Earlier this month, British-Bangladeshi film-maker Leesa Gazi released her award winning documentary feature ‘Rising Silence’ to the British public. The documentary tracks the story of four sisters who were abducted during the 1971 war in which East Pakistan broke with West Pakistan to become Bangladesh. During the nine-month war of […]

Is Democracy Always The Correct Answer?

Democracy has had a long history. The experiment first began in Athens, Greece during the Golden Age. The word “democracy” comes from two Greeks words: demos refers to the people, and Kratos means the rule. For a century and a half, all male citizens had equal political rights, enjoyed the […]

President Nicolás Maduro’s Power Bolstered By U.N. Human Rights Council Seat

While covered by major news organizations, the significance and lasting implications of Venezuela winning a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council last month cannot be overstated. The Council is responsible for “the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe” by shining a spotlight on violations. […]

Indonesian President’s New Cabinet Invites Apprehension

After securing a second term as Indonesia’s President, Joko Widodo announced  his new cabinet line-up on Wednesday 23 October. The election race was a rematch of the 2004 elections. For the second time, Widodo found himself facing his long-time political rival Prabowo Subianto, leader of the Gerindra Party, who has […]

An Anomaly: The Silent Pigeon Feeding Protest In Belarus

On Sunday, 4 March 2018, about 70 people congregated in Lenin Square Brest, Belarus to protest. Perhaps it was an unfamiliar protest scene as there were no placards, no speeches, no megaphones or even voices above a conversational tone. Rather, these protesters were simply feeding the pigeons. For more than […]

Tensions Between South Africa And Nigeria Impede Regional Economic Cooperation 1

From 4-6 September, leaders from governments, businesses, and civil society met in Cape Town, South Africa for the 28th World Economic Forum. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa concluded the Forum on an uplifting note by remarking that “this is Africa’s century” and that “the future is great”. However, underlying the […]