Sarah Namondo

Refugees In Indonesia Suffer Huge Consequences From Australian Funding Cuts

Indonesia is not a signatory member of the 1951 Refugee Convention, but it hosts 14,000 registered refugees, as per UNHCR records. However, Indonesia surprised the world in December 2016, when President Joko Widodo filled a legal vacuum by issuing a decree to ensure that refugees are not arbitrarily expelled or […]

The Unwelcoming Tales Of Unaccompanied Migrant Children In France 1

France is no exception to receiving the influx of migrants like the rest of Europe. However, recent reports have revealed that French border police authorities have been rejecting unaccompanied migrant children who have dared dangerous mountain trips from Italy to France. Rigorous age evaluations and interviews have been conducted. These […]

Migration From Istanbul: Living Crisis For Migrants In Turkey

Istanbul was home for thousands of migrants, and it hosted the largest registered number of Syrians in Turkey (548,000 out of the 3.6 million). However, Sinem Koseoglu, Al Jazeera’s Istanbul-based correspondent, remarked that an estimated one million Syrians live there. Turkey has only provided partial legal protection to Syrians by […]

Food Aid Cry Or Resource Management Cry; Zimbabweans Question The Government

Zimbabwe was once the breadbasket of South Africa, but over the past two decades agriculture harvests have suffered. The battle for food due to the devastating tropical cyclone Idai, drought, and the high inflation rate is an unfriendly attack to the Zimbabweans in 2019. Recently, the World Food Programme (WFP) […]

Grandi Calls For Equitable Sharing Of Refugees, Furthering The Resettlement Dilemma

The untamable refugee crisis around the globe continues to be a huge concern for the international community. Though the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR )can be applauded for working tirelessly to protect the basic rights of refugees (food, clothes, health, education etc), the permanent resettlement of refugees into […]

Integrated Armed Group Leader Increases Civilian Deaths In Central African Republic

Was the African Union-mediated Peace accord signed in February 2018 after a lengthy 18 months talk between 14 armed groups and the central governments to prevent civilian attacks a regrettable step or a commendable action? This remains questionable as one of the three armed-group leaders given a key government position […]

Inhumane Living Conditions Of Migrant children In Yuma Detention Center Spark Public Concern

The United States maintains the largest undocumented immigration detention infrastructures in the world. There were an estimated 363 or more detention sites in operation within 2007-2009. Children constitute the largest migrant population, and even though the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not been open to publicizing up-to-date figures of […]