Sarah Namondo

About Sarah Namondo

Sarah is an international law expert. She is passionately interested in advocating for peace by promoting the rights of refugees. In a bit to condemn conflicts and propose durable solutions, she is detemined to outcry the plights of vulnerable people around the world especially children.

Who Is A Migrant, A Refugee, A Stateless Person And An Asylum Seeker?

The disastrous repurcussions of the major world wars have included several civil conflicts which were then followed by ongoing widespread migration. Nowadays, wars are increasingly complicated and primarily related to international trade and development, however, the desire for certain countries to be considered superior has increased global pressures to respond […]

Burundian Refugees Forced To Flee Tanzania

Tanzania has been home to hundreds of thousands of refugees over decades and offered citizenship to tens of thousands since 1972. Recently, Tanzania has begun coercively expelling refugees, and 163,000 Burundians have left fearing arrest or deportation. This comes following the October 11th comment by President John Magufuli that Burundian […]

EU Reports Reveal Libya’s Reason For Migrant Detentions

Since 2000, the number of migrants from conflict countries in Africa attempting to cross the Mediterranean has geometrically increased. The influx has been unmaintainable and has forced several European governments to institute strict border policies. Until recently, the Guardian reports explain how preventing migrants from entering Italy via Libya is […]

4.5 Million Venezuelan Displacements Since 2015, The UN And Partners Outcry

The political and economic instability in Venezuela seems to geometrically influence the mass exodus of now millions of Venezuelans. Since 2015 when this humanitarian crisis began, the gravity of the instability has caused the UNHCR, UN Migration Organization and the European Union to label it the “direst” displacement crises in […]

21 Rohingya Adults, As Well As Children, Detained Amidst Myanmar Crisis

Recently, Myanmar’s authorities imprisoned 21 Rohingya and they inhumanely detained children. Human Rights Watch’s Asia director, Brad Adams, explains the main reason by saying, “These 30 men, women, and children are being punished for simply seeking an escape from the daily brutality they’ve been subjected to for years.” The Myanmar […]