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About Sarah Namondo

Sarah is an international law expert. She is passionately interested in advocating for peace by promoting the rights of refugees. In a bit to condemn conflicts and propose durable solutions, she is detemined to outcry the plights of vulnerable people around the world especially children.

Humanitarian Empowerment Trumps Humanitarian Aid For Refugees

The uncontrollable and unpredictable outbursts of wars and terror attacks around the world continue to increase concerns on if stable peace is achievable. To an extent, peace can be attained but there is a need for sustainable approaches. The increase in mobility from conflict has resulted in the unwanted and […]

Humanitarian Empowerment Trumps Humanitarian Aid For Refugees

Lesbos Horror: Refugee Children Affected

Greece’s generosity to cater to refugees and asylum seekers is greatly valued, but its resources have been extremely stretched beyond national capacity. In an effort to resolve this complex issue, Greece, in 2016, had signed a deal with the EU and Turkey which permits migrants to stay on the island […]

Burundian Refugees Forced To Flee Tanzania

Tanzania has been home to hundreds of thousands of refugees over decades and offered citizenship to tens of thousands since 1972. Recently, Tanzania has begun coercively expelling refugees, and 163,000 Burundians have left fearing arrest or deportation. This comes following the October 11th comment by President John Magufuli that Burundian […]

5000 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Anticipate Relocation To Mainland Greece

For hopeless migrant and unaccompanied children at the Greece Islands, hope seems to be on its way. The consoling words from the UN High Commissioner of Refugees Filippo Grandi to the 5000 children in Greece during his visit sounds relieving. Reported by UNHCR The Refugee Brief, he said “You need […]

EU Reports Reveal Libya’s Reason For Migrant Detentions

Since 2000, the number of migrants from conflict countries in Africa attempting to cross the Mediterranean has geometrically increased. The influx has been unmaintainable and has forced several European governments to institute strict border policies. Until recently, the Guardian reports explain how preventing migrants from entering Italy via Libya is […]

UNHCR Mourns Death Of Sadako Ogata At 92

Japanese humanitarian Sadako Ogata was the first female to be appointed UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Nicknamed “refugees’ champion” by BBC News, and “five-foot giant” by her UN colleagues, she will be remembered for her zeal to protect the ” defenceless and dispossessed” during her time in the role from […]

4.5 Million Venezuelan Displacements Since 2015, The UN And Partners Outcry

The political and economic instability in Venezuela seems to geometrically influence the mass exodus of now millions of Venezuelans. Since 2015 when this humanitarian crisis began, the gravity of the instability has caused the UNHCR, UN Migration Organization and the European Union to label it the “direst” displacement crises in […]

21 Rohingya Adults, As Well As Children, Detained Amidst Myanmar Crisis

Recently, Myanmar’s authorities imprisoned 21 Rohingya and they inhumanely detained children. Human Rights Watch’s Asia director, Brad Adams, explains the main reason by saying, “These 30 men, women, and children are being punished for simply seeking an escape from the daily brutality they’ve been subjected to for years.” The Myanmar […]

Three UN Refugee Agencies Insist On Education Amendments For Refugees In Europe

UNHCR, UNICEF and IOM are admonishing European governments to revamp education for refugee and migrant children as they name some of the challenges faced by these children. These include inadequate school spaces, language barriers, inadequate teacher training and limited access to psychosocial support. Most importantly, there are limited catch-up classes […]

Italy Resettles 91 Refugees And Migrants Via Humanitarian Corridor Project

Resettlement remains one of the best temporary options for refugees, especially those living where there is little or no government support. Exceptionally, the collaboration of the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy (FCEI), the Community of Sant’Egidio, Waldensian Table, Methodist Churches, Caritas Italiana and the Italian government are the brain […]