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Sarah is a student at The University of Sydney, studying International and Global Studies with a double major in Government and International Relations and Anthropology.

Children At Increased Risk Within Greek Island Reception Centres, Warns UNICEF

In a Press Release in Geneva on Friday, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned authorities of the growing vulnerability of children living in Greek Island Reception Centres. This warning comes after a 32 percent rise in the number of migrants seeking refuge on the Greek Islands, where overcrowded and […]

The Consequences Of Populism: Italy’s Failed Role In The European Migration Crisis

Populism seems to become the dominant ideology across Europe. This ideology carries far-right notions of anti-immigration which continue to divide The European Union (EU). As the European Migration Crisis continues, with large numbers of migrants seeking refuge from conflicts in Asia and Africa, the actions EU takes are vital to […]

Amnesty International Declares America’s Gun Violence A “Human Rights Crisis”

Human rights group Amnesty International has declared America’s gun violence epidemic a “human rights crisis” in its most recent report. Titled In the Line of Fire, this 220-page document analyzes the drastic impact gun violence has on American lives. The report also provides a policy framework, which it urges American […]

Nuclear Activity Is Detected In North Korea: Can Denuclearization Be Achieved?

New North Korean nuclear activity has been detected by United States (US) spy satellites this week, calling to question whether its denuclearization efforts are possible. The news was given by a US state official, almost a month after the Americans and North Koreans came to a broad agreement on denuclearization […]

Italian Government Disregards European Courts Decision: Hundreds Of Roma Left Homeless

Italian authorities have forcibly removed hundreds of Roma from a living area in Northern Rome, despite the European Court of Human Rights’ recent decision urging Italy to delay its eviction process. Police raided the Camping River area on Thursday, following orders under Italy’s far-right Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini. The Interior […]

Nuclear Deal On Edge: New Centrifuge Rotor Factory Opens In Iran

Over a month after the United States’ unilateral decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Accord, Iran’s Nuclear Chief has declared that the country has opened a new Centrifuge Rotor Factory, used for Uranium Enrichment. Delivered to state news on Wednesday, this decision is part of Iran’s plan to expand […]