Selasi Amoani

Protests Expose Tensions On Anniversary Of Catalan Independence Vote

On Saturday, September 29th, protests against police erupted in Barcelona during a counter-protest against police officers, just days ahead of the first anniversary of the Catalonian independence vote, leaving fourteen injured. The Police Association of Spain (JUSAPOL) organized the protest on Saturday to support police officers demanding equal pay between […]

Gender Identity Law Moves Chile in More Progressive Direction

Legislators in Chile approved a bill allowing transgender individuals to change their official records Wednesday, setting an impressive precedent for a more conservative country. First introduced into Chile’s congress in 2013, the law allows citizens over the age of eighteen to change their official details, including gender identity. The law […]

Shock After Trump Cuts Millions Of Dollars In Aid To Palestine

The Trump administration announced on Friday, August 24, that the United States would redirect $200 million in Palestinian aid funds toward other projects. The move comes on the heels of a January announcement that the U.S. would withhold over $60 million from a UN agency that would help Palestinian refugees. […]

Murder Of Roma Man By Far Right Reveals History Of Racist Violence In Ukraine

An attack in the late night hours of July 23rd left a young Romani man dead and four others wounded, including a 10-year-old child. The 24-year-old was stabbed where he lay sleeping, in a Romani encampment outside Lviv, a province in Western Ukraine. According to Al Jazeera, the suspected perpetrators of […]