Silvia Saavedra

About Silvia Saavedra

Driven academic pursuing a specialization in political science and international relations at the University of Toronto and Edinburgh. Notable fields of expertise include but are not limited to global security, international and domestic conflict, nuclear warfare, disarmament, political theory, public relations in political work, development in Canadian politics, social policy, and research design.

Holding China Accountable For Its Mistreatment Of Ethnic Uyghurs

While the Uyghurs are a predominantly large Muslim Turkish ethnic group with a distinct culture, their presence in China (heavily concentrated in Xinjiang) has been admonished in this present day and age. Ethnic Uyghurs remain targeted for surveillance and control tactics. China’s agenda of severe repression towards these individuals has […]

Painting The Wet’suwet’en People By One Stroke

February’s beginning marked a tumultuous period for Canadians. Raids made by the Royal Canadian Mountain Police on Wet’suwet’en territory elicited a series of protests throughout the country by Indigenous and Non-Indigenous citizens. Respectively, prompting the obstruction of passenger and freight trains transporting construction materials, propane gas and grain near major […]

Don’t Cry For Me Nicaragua, Stand Up For Me

Central America’s agricultural powerhouse, Nicaragua, has long been marked by civil conflict. Tensions between Nicaragua’s Campesinos and Indigenous population deepen as guerilla mobilization ensues. The most recent outbreak occurred on January 30th, when a group of 80 armed assailants raided the Mayangna commune and murdered six of its Indigenous people […]