Sophie Simons

A History Of The Pride Symbol

Symbols revolutionize social and political movements and celebrate a collective unity, community and history. Symbols define origin stories. A catalyst for the expansion of pride parades was the creation of the symbolic LGBT+ pride flag. Classification of queer people occurred throughout World War 2 by Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler adopted […]

WeChat And AliPay: Transforming Or Disrupting NZ Businesses?

On 4 July 2019, the North Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence held a revolutionary speaker event on the new payment and integration technology of WeChat and the Chinese payment system AliPay. Specifically, the speaker Ralph Shale addressed some key discussion points from Chinese e-commerce and mobile payments, why it matters, […]

Cristiano Da Costa – Ambassador For Timor Lester To NZ

Cristiano da Costa, a representative from Timor Leste, was a very important voice on the perspective of international relations for smaller island countries. In a recent seminar, da Costa indicated that as a small country, Timor Leste has limited power and therefore has to create and maintain diplomatic relationships very […]

The Trump-Kim Nuclear Summit: Finding The Middle Ground With South Korea

Hosted by the ambassador for South Korea, Mr. Seung-bae Yeo, at Victoria University’s Pipitea Campus on 6 June, the Institute For Governance & Policy Studies’ groundbreaking talk covered the history of the divide between the US and North Korea, and South Korea’s role as a neigbour to North Korea and […]

Thinking Sustainably And Economically

Dr Barbara Nebel is a powerful woman in business doing amazing things for the good of the environment and is an expert in her field, which made her seminar “How do we determine if a cotton bag is better than a plastic one?” incredibly engaging and interesting. She discussed the […]

Waikato Wars – Deep Parts Of NZ History

The Waikato Wars are a significant historical event in New Zealand’s history, occurring between 1863 and 1864 between the British settlers and Maori indigenous people. There are a few notable causes which are considered important in the wider picture, for example; the long-standing tension and conflicts between the Maori and […]

The Importance Of Homer To The Greeks And His Influence On Modern Culture 1

Storytelling was a prevalent tradition throughout Ancient Greece. Originally the mythical stories were told orally and later performed by playwrights at the cities’ festivals, until the Ancient Greeks re-discovered the tool of the written word and Homer’s epics quickly became physical texts. The origins of lyric poetry can be originated […]

Weaponry And Innovation In Medicine

Developments in chemical warfare during World War One were significant in driving the progress of medical advancement. Humanity has known for centuries about the impact that chemical weaponry has on casualties of war. In 1675, the Strasbourg Agreement was signed to prevent the extensive brutality of chemical warfare that was […]

Vicarious Trauma And Its Undeniable Link To Consumption Of Media

Vicarious trauma is increasingly being experienced by people because of social media. Social media makes content easily accessible, but also curates our feeds to engage our attention for long periods of time – this can be useful if someone enjoys harmless, fun content like cat videos, but can be detrimental […]

Global Enterprise Experience And Social Entrepreneurship

Modern problems require modern solutions. Global Enterprise Experience provides a unique experience to university students to create a business proposal for a profitable company that solves a global solution. Teams of 8 work from all across the global facing challenges with communication, access and resources. Teaching entrepreneurship programmes like these […]