Author: Sucharita Sen

From Farmlands Of Villages To The Streets Of Delhi – Farmers’ Movement Unleashes Violence At India’s Capital

Amidst Delhi’s rain and cold, India’s farmers continue their protest against the central government’s agricultural laws. The movement, which commenced in  November reached a violent showdown on January 26th, which marked 72 years since India’s Constitution was adopted. While the Indian prime minister was saluting his officers and the latest

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The Countdown To A Water-Devoid India – A Rising Population Battles An Escalating Water Crisis

Akin to the human population who should have a right to a clean environment, nature too should have a corresponding existential right to blossom and flourish. Trees should have a right against deforestation, and the soil, water bodies and air, the right against pollution. Mutual rights and reciprocal recognition will then secure a conducive human-nature interface.

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