Trump’s Agenda-Setting At NATO Meeting And Its Implications For Defense Spending

The Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meeting took place in Belgium  from the 11th– 12th of July where the leaders of one of the world’s oldest, and some would say strongest, alliances met. Such meetings are important to ensure the agendas of the alliance are collaborative, current and the relations […]

Great March Of Return – Protest And Gunfire Every Friday

The death toll in the Palestinian Great March of Return continues to rise, as Israeli soldiers open fire on peaceful Palestinian protesters. The protest rally held on the Gaza strip on Friday, June 29th, resulted in 176 people injured by gunfire and 2 people killed, adding to the death toll […]

New Sound Evidence Of Crimes Against Humanity In Myanmar

On the 20th of June, Amnesty International (AI) released the report titled, “We Will Destroy Everything”: Military Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity in Rakhine State, Myanmar. This 189 page report revealed new firsthand evidence of what was labelled the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar of 2017, and took an entire nine months […]

Nicaragua Political Turmoil And Protesters Dead

Uprising against Nicaragua’s President Ortega began on the April 19, 2018, after government reforms were met with anti-government protests that turned violent. Al Jazeera reported 200 people have been killed and thousands injured, many of them including university students and children, during the two months of turmoil in Nicaragua. The […]

Volcán De Fuego And An Inadequate Natural Disaster Response

Guatemala’s Volcano, Volcán de Fuego, erupted on June 3, 2018. It sent ash flying as far as the capital Guatemala City, which was 30 kilometres away. The death toll, reported by Latin America’s daily news on June 13, had risen to 114 people, with 150 people still missing. The emergency […]

G7 Summit: Cooperation And Addressing Trade Tariffs

Disarray and failure are just some of the words that have been used by BBC and Aljazeera to describe the G7 summit which was held from 8th-9th June in Quebec. This comes after the United States imposed 25% tariffs on steel imports and 10% on aluminium, on the European Union, […]

Hungary Democratic Backslide Is A Threat to Domestic And EU Peace

This week, Aljazeera and BBC showed international alarm after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government drafted a bill that criminalizes helping refugees, which follows suggesting a 25% tax on non-governmental organizations who fund foreign migrants. This is threatening to Hungarian nationals because it challenges their right to help refugees and […]

Addressing Immigrant And Refugee Integration For The Future Of World Peace

The integration of Immigrants and Refugee’s into our ever increasingly globalized world is vital for the future of world peace. Nation-states still hold close to their national identity and to avoid the under-representation of minorities and clash of civilizations through social cleavages as described by Samuel Huntington, issues of integration […]

Emergency Response Plan In Papua New Guinea Failing Isolated Citizens

Reports from Child Fund on the 8th of May suggest that Papua New Guinea  does not have a suitable emergency response plan to support their citizens in the wake of natural disasters. This comes after thousands began contacting counselling services and family violence helplines for humanitarian aid and support. On […]

Saudi Arabia’s aid donation to ‘make up’ for the conflict in Yemen

In early April, reports from Geneva raised scepticism about Saudi Arabia’s approach in Yemen. Antonio Guterres the United Nations Secretary-General applauded and welcomed the ‘record-breaking pledge’ of $930 million dollars, which was presented in New York on the 27th of March. The donation will be put into aid funding that […]