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A recent politics graduate from the University of Manchester with a specific interest in environmental politics.

Thousands Flee To Beaches In ‘Apocalyptic’ Australian Bushfires

Thousands of people fled to beaches in Victoria, Australia on 30 December 2019 as bushfires continue to rage across the country whilst temperatures hit 40 degrees celsius in every state. Officials have confirmed another two people – believed to be father and son – were killed by the fires, bringing […]

39 People Found Dead In Lorry, Essex, U.K. 1

The bodies of 39 people were found in a refrigerated lorry container in Essex, U.K. on 23 October. They appear to have died whilst locked inside the back of the lorry in a case of suspected people smuggling, with this event becoming the worst such tragedy the U.K. has seen […]

‘Never Too Small To Make A Difference’: A Reflection On Greta Thunberg And The Global Climate Strikes

 Greta Thunberg began her ‘skolstrejk för klimatet’ when she started skipping school on Fridays in August 2018, sitting outside the Swedish parliament. From there, she grabbed the attention of the world and ‘Fridays for the future’ was born—with thousands of young people skipping school to call for more radical and decisive […]

Heathrow Climate Change Drone Protest Arrests Rise To 18

Police have arrested 18 people believed to be involved in a protest at Heathrow Airport urging action against climate change. Protesters threatened to fly drones in the Heathrow exclusion zone, which would force airport authorities to ground flights. Those arrested have been held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a […]

Human Rights Groups Protest As Arms Fair Returns To London

Europe’s largest arms fair – the Defence and Security Equipment International arms fair (DSEI) – is set to begin in London on Tuesday. Over 35,000 delegates and traders are expected to arrive at the trade show, which occurs once every 2 years. The event has become a focus for many […]

Climate Change Activists Plan To Target Heathrow Airport With Drones

Environmental campaigners are planning to fly drones around Heathrow airport in an attempt to ground flights. These activists, from ‘Heathrow Pause’ – a splinter group of Extinction Rebellion – say that they plan to operate small toy drones from 3am on Friday 13th September onwards, expecting the action to last […]

Amazónia Is Burning: ‘No Es Fuego, Es Capitalismo’

Currently, thousands of fires are burning throughout the Amazon rainforest—of which 60 per cent is in Brazil—making it the worst blaze seen there in almost a decade. The National Institute for Space Research claims its satellite data shows an 85 per cent increase in forest fires from the same period […]

Hong Kong Protests: Tear Gas Fired At Demonstrators

Hong Kong police have fired rounds of tear gas at demonstrators as the tenth week of protests in the city intensifies, with violent clashes occurring. Reuters News Agency claimed its reporters in the Wan Chai district saw two petrol bombs thrown by protestors – causing small fires – whilst police […]

Hiroshima Day: 74 Years Since US Nuclear Attack 1

Hiroshima Day was observed on the 6th August, and in 2019 this day marks 74 years since an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. This was the world’s first ever use of nuclear weapons – done so by the US at the end of […]

Earth Overshoot Day: Planet’s 2019 Resource ‘Budget’ Already Spent

Humanity has already used up this year’s allowance of natural resources including clear air, soil and water with ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ occurring this Monday according to a report by the Global Footprint Network (GFN). This date marks when humanity’s demand for these ecological resources exceed what the earth can regenerate within […]