Author: Rose Mary Petrass

One Billion Climate Refugees By 2050

30 years from now, one in nine people will have been forced to flee their homes due to climate change, a recent report predicts. That means that the number of migrants fleeing changing environmental conditions could reach one billion by 2050. The report, published by the United Nations International Organization

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65 Years On: The Human Impact Of The Korean War

After 65 years, families separated by the 1950-1953 Korean War were reunited for just four days in state-arranged reunions in the heavily controlled North Korea. Fewer than 100 elderly applicants from each country were chosen to meet long-lost relatives for the first time in over half a century. Just 21

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Brazil: Venezuelans In ‘Extreme Vulnerability’ Met With Closed Doors

Brazil has reopened its border with Venezuela in response to a ruling from the Brazilian Supreme Court. The northeastern land border in the Brazilian state of Roraima shut its doors to Venezuelan refugees fleeing economic and political turmoil, BBC News reported Tuesday 7 August. Judge Barreto ruled closure until conditions

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