Rose Burbury

About Rose Burbury

Rose is a UoM international relations graduate & social policy researcher with a flourishing frustration over human rights violations domestic and abroad.

The ANZUS Alliance: A Romanticized Barrier To Peaceful Diplomacy In Asia-Pacific

Throughout history, Australia’s identity has been conditioned by its self-perception as the Anglo-American outpost of the South. Its inherent geographical vulnerabilities and affinity to European values, underlie its historic pursuit for ‘great and powerful friends’ with first Britain, and then the United States of America. Following Britain’s failure to protect […]

More Than 60 Civilians Killed In Airstrike On Syrian Market While De-Escalation Brokers Remain Silent

On Monday November 13, airstrikes on a market in a northern Syrian town and “de-escalation zone” have killed an estimated 61 people. Market-goers were crushed under the wreckage or blown apart by the explosion. At least three airstrikes targeted Atareb, a small town on the periphery of Aleppo swollen with […]

Anti-Fascists Rally Against White Supremacists And Neo-Nazis At ‘White Lives Matter’ Event In Tennessee

On 28 October 2017, a coalition of white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups descended on two towns in Middle Tennessee for a ‘White Lives Matter’ rally. Seeking to draw attention to the resettlement of Somali and Sudanese refugees in Tennessee, organizers of the demonstration protested that the refugees harbour an inherent […]