Author: Rohan Bhatia

Kashmir: India’s Plan For Peace Unravels

Srinagar, they say, with its twisting waterways, floating houseboats and ice-capped mountains is a city made in God’s image, but precisely which God that is has been fiercely debated since the Indian independence of 1947. Today, it remains as polemical as ever with Hindus and Muslims still fighting over the

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AUKUS: ‘A Stab In The Back Of Global Diplomacy’

On the 15th of September 2021, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the rupture of a £48 billion nuclear submarine pact with France in favour of forming a trilateral Anglophone alliance with the United Kingdom and the United States. Endowed with the rather cacophonous acronym ‘AUKUS’, the deal will allow

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The Struggle Continues: The Yazidi In Post-IS Iraq

The suffering of the Yazidi ethnic and religious minority continues in Iraq, as survivors of the Islamic State persecution seek recognition, reparations, and closure. The Yazidis, who follow their ancient pre-Iranian religion and inhabit the northwestern Sinjar region of Iraq, were the victims of unimaginable brutality at the hands of

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