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Robin Watts is a 2nd year history undergraduate at the University of Cambridge.

Mandela Funeral Fiasco Further Indicates Rotten Core Of ANC

In the final weeks of build-up to the ANC’s leadership election on December 16th, a corruption scandal involving the misappropriation of funds for the funeral of Nelson Mandela in 2013 has further brought into focus the overwhelming need for extensive reform of South Africa’s ruling party. Last week, South Africa’s anti-corruption […]

International Solidarity A Forgotten Force? The Case Of Catalonia.

When walking through the sheltered streets of Bloomsbury, London, certain sights tend to draw our attention: the dominating presence of the British museum, the green lawns and tall trees of Russell Square, the hustle and bustle of University College London and the School of Oriental and African Studies. But the […]

Terror And Tragedy: Brazil’s Assault On The Rights Of Its Indigenous Community

This week, the Brazilian authorities confirmed an investigation into the massacre of 10 members, including women and children, of an indigenous tribe, living along Jandiatuba river in Western Brazil. The culprits of this atrocity are said to be two gold-miners; their crimes were only discovered after they were recorded bragging […]

Kosovo: Is Europe’s ‘Hotbed’ of Islamic Extremism On The Mend?

Kosovo is in the midst of a transition period in its fight against ‘Islamic extremism.’ While the state has been able to stem the outward flow of Kosovan nationals to ISIS and Al Nusra Front, a domestic extremist network continues to operate internally and it remains to be seen what […]

The ANC’s Policy Conference: A New Push For South African Democracy Or Another Sideshow?

Only time can tell whether the ANC’s 5th policy conference has put in motion a fresh push for true democracy in South Africa, but optimists should proceed with caution. The conference, held from the 30th June to 5th July in Johannesburg, tabled promising proposals for the overhaul of the electoral […]