Rhoda Nduku

About Rhoda Nduku

Rhoda Nduku Kisinga is a peace scholar at the university of Nairobi, kenya, An author, and a climate change advocate. Working with different environment lead organizations ,on different capacities. Such as Greenpeace Africa, a non governmental organization that exists because we are living in a fragile world, that needs people, actions, and solutions. She has written different articles on conflict and Peace matters. Which have always been published in the Organization for World peace website. Other than that, Nduku is well known as a passionate volunteer. where she has volunteered with different organizations, including Kenya Red cross society, Global peace Chain ,as a global peace Ambassador, Students for Liberty, as a local Coordinator . Rhoda Nduku is fluent in different languages that is, French ,English, Swahili ,and kamba.

Syrian War 1

The Turkish military has deployed troops to Idlib to monitor the 2017 deescalation conflict. Following the agreement brokered by Turkey and Russia that has been repeatedly violated, it was hoped that the agreement would avert a government assault. The UN said this threatened to create the humanitarian catastrophe of 21st […]

Greenpeace Protests 2

Last year, an audit of plastic pollution found that Nestlé is one of the top three plastic polluters in the world. In 2017, 98% of its products, including beverages, were packaged in single-use packing. The corporation produced 1.7 million tonnes of plastic last year as a result of its throwaway […]

ISIL Fighters Lose The Last Stronghold In Syria

U.S. and Kurdish forces have attacked the last stronghold of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) . Aerial bombings of the town of Hajin, where the last remnants of ISIL are located, have increased and SDF commanders are making progress. This being the last territory, ISIL analysts […]