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Ruby Shealy is a sophomore at Wellesley College pursuing a bachelor's degree in international relations.

Locust Swarms In East Africa Threaten Millions With Food Shortages

On Tuesday, South Sudan’s Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Betty Achan announced that swarms of locusts had begun destroying crops and grazing land across the country putting citizens at risk of widespread famine. South Sudan is not alone in battling this unprecedented number of locusts as several countries including Yemen, […]

Cameroon Releases 333 Prisoners Amid National Peace Dialogue

On Thursday, Cameroon’s President Paul Biya announced the release of 333 prisoners arrested for their participation in separatist uprisings. Biya made the announcement on Twitter saying, “I have ordered the discontinuance of proceedings pending before Military Tribunals against 333 persons arrested for misdemeanors, in connection with the crisis in the […]