Conflict Between Francophone And Anglophone Cameroon Continues

On 10 April, the Canadian government pledged $6.65 million in humanitarian aid to the Republic of Cameroon, with part of the funds to be directed towards security concerns over increasing conflict in the region in recent years. Conflict has also caused the USA to withhold funding and support provisions for […]

Bangladesh’s New Statement Brings Rohingya Crisis To An Impasse

On September the 12th, teams from the UN’s Refugee Agency and Development Program gained permission from Myanmar to investigate 23 villages in the Rakhine State, where the Rohingya people lived. Concurrently on the same day, Bangladesh’s Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque announced that the Rohingya were not welcome into Bangladesh as […]

Yazidi Woman In Germany Encounters Her ISIS Kidnapper 2

Last month, the harrowing experience of a 19-year-old Yazidi woman, Ashwaq Ta’lo, was published. At 14 years old, Ta’lo was sold as a slave to an ISIS terrorist named Abu Humam, but soon escaped captivity and migrated to Germany. However, a few months ago, she was was stopped on the […]

Rodrigo Duterte’s Reaffirms ‘Relentless’ Crusade Against Drugs

On July the 23rd, Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte spoke at the annual State of Nation Address (SONA), a publicly broadcasted event in which the president addresses both the Senate and House of Representatives in a joint session. During his address, Duterte vowed to continue his crackdown on illegal drugs and […]

Palestinian Women Protest In The Gaza Strip

On July 3rd, thousands of Palestinians charged towards the eastern Gaza-Israel border as part of the 2018 Great March of Return rallies. Their purpose is the time-worn one; Palestinians’ call to reclaim land from which they were evicted from through Israeli occupation. It also calls for an end to the […]