Raissa Annang

Turkey And The EU: Apparently Blackmail And Censorships Merit A Million Pound Deal

Two pictures concerning Turkey have flooded the media emission pool over recent days: riot police trashing opposition newspaper offices with gas and water cannons, as well as a smiling Turkish Prime Minister being greeted in Brussels whilst being flooded with offers of billions of pounds in aid and visa-free travel […]

Syria’s Peace Deal Threatened

After 255,000 deaths, 4 million refugees and the destruction of much heritage and history, Syria still finds itself in a volatile situation where it appears as though war will not cease. The 4th anniversary of the Syrian conflict has approached and passed, nonetheless, there has been no celebratory gunfire to mark its […]

Central African Republic: A quarter of the population on the move

For almost 2 years the Central African Republic has been torn apart by reoccurring waves of sectarian violence. The deteriorating situation in the Central African Republic (CAR) once again came to light in December of 2013 when the predominantly Christian nation became gripped by violence, after a majority Muslim group, […]