Rachel Buckman

The Taliban Today – Where Does The Terror End?

November 13, 2001, the date the Taliban forces abandoned Kabul, having controlled the capital city since 1996. The Taliban’s decision to shelter Osama bin Laden in the wake of the September 11 attacks resulted in the US-led Northern Alliance entering Afghanistan in order to push them from power. That was […]

Romanian Protests React To Legislation Enabling Corruption

An estimated 50,000 protesters took to the streets of Bucharest, the capital of Romania, to rally against a legislation that many anticipate will see corruption flourish. Amidst snow and police, Romanians marched from University Square to the parliament building, while smaller protests took place in other cities across the nation. […]

Rising Civilian Death Sentences In Military Courtrooms—Egypt’s Precarious Legal System

In 2017, 112 civilians were sentenced to death in Egypt’s military courts, nearly double the previous year’s figure of 60. While alone, these numbers, recorded by Egyptian Coordination for Rights & Freedoms and the Initiative for Personal Rights, seem cause for concern, they are just one example of a generally […]

Detention Of Dalit Protesters Sparks Concern In India

Al Jazeera has reported claims by activists that hundreds of Dalits have been “illegally detained” in the state of Maharashtra. This comes in the wake of widespread protest by the Dalit community the previous week. The protests took place in response to an attack by right-wing groups during the 200th-anniversary […]

Sexual Harassments In The Workplace – Moving Forward From The Weinstein Scandal

On 5 October 2017, the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein came to air. The New York Times article gave voice to women, including actresses Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, who claimed Weinstein sexually harassed them and abused his position of power as a producer and a co-founder of Miramax. This […]

Pope Francis’ Christmas Message Prays For Peace In Israel

Pope Francis has used his annual Christmas Day message to pray for peace in Israel via a two-state solution. The Pope gave his traditional ‘Urbi et Orbi’ (to the city and to the world) speech in St Peter’s Square, urging that religious differences be set aside when he claimed “we see Jesus […]

Yemen’s Cholera Outbreak Hits 1 Million

Since April, Yemen has seen 1 million suspected cholera cases in what is the biggest outbreak in recent history, a figure announced on 21 December by the International Committee of the Red Cross. This crisis has been ongoing since October of 2016, leaving more than 2,200 reported dead by the […]

France’s Role In The Rwanda Genocide

A report released last week alleges French officials were ‘complicit’ in the Rwandan genocide. In 1994, Rwandan President Juvénal Habyarimana died when his plane was purposefully shot down. His death worsened ethnic tensions, leading to the specific targeting of Tutsis and more than 800,000 people were killed. The government of […]

The Way We Treat Borders: A Legal And Moral Battle

On 4 December, the United States Supreme Court held that the travel ban, as revised in September, could be enforced while legal challenges are carried out through the lower courts. This comes nearly a year after the first plans to bar certain nationalities entry into the US were unveiled, the […]

Syria’s Eastern Ghouta Ceasefire: Broken Within A Day

The Syrian government forces have shelled Eastern Ghouta a day after a truce agreement was said to be reached. Last Tuesday, UN envoy to Syria  Staffan de Minstura announced that Russia had proposed a ceasefire in the rebel-controlled area, which was accepted by the Syrian government. However, on Wednesday UK-based […]