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U.S Cyber-Security Initiative On Aviation

Cyber-Security vulnerabilities discovered in airliners put the United States authorities into consideration on improving the defense to prevent causalities. Department Transportation and Department of Homeland Security Initiative According to Dave Bittner, Host of Cyberwire podcast, the U.S. has launched a program that identifies the flaws within the Boeing(s) and Airbus(es) […]

Almost “Any Phone” Vulnerable To SIM Jacking Attacks

Leo Laporte and  IT security analyst and former Apple and Atari software engineer Steve Gibson are the hosts to a podcast/YouTube series on cybersecurity in which they brilliantly addressed SIM Jacking attacks in episode 732. “It is a new SIM card flaw,” stated Gibson. “This is discovered being actively exploited […]

SUTD Researcher Raise Awareness Of KNOB Attacks

KNOB Attack, also known as Key Negotiation of Bluetooth Attack, was brilliantly explained by a researcher from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Daniel Antonioli, during CyberWire’s Research Saturday presented by Juniper Network. Based on the interview, malicious attackers use KNOB Attack to take advantage of Bluetooth’s security vulnerabilities […]

Cyber Security Practices Addressed By McAFee’s CEO 2

According to Forbes, Chris Young, current CEO of McAfee, addressed in an interview with Metis Strategy’s president, Peter High, that McAfee is encountering a couple of issues related to cybersecurity. First, the organization is making a process in trying to keep with the rapid innovation of the modern day’s technology. […]

Anheuser-Busch InBev Has Taken A Step Forward With Cybersecurity

The world’s largest brewer, the Belgian multinational Anheuser-Busch InBev, will be opening a cybersecurity hub based in Israel with the purpose of preventing malicious attacks from damaging the data within the company. The city Tel Aviv on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, was picked to be the location of the company research […]

Data Privacy Issues In Education System Putting Children At Risk

Cybersecurity issues are so widespread that they are even harmful to children in schools. The modern education system tends to provide documents over the internet which provides easy-going and efficiency for both the students and the teachers. However, with this convenience comes a threat. Online criminals could use the data […]

Recommended Approaches To Improve National Data Privacy 1

National security is no longer just about considering safety in the physical sense, especially when most business and commercial operations are accomplished virtually, via the internet and telecommunications. There are many measures countries can take to protect their national data and meta-data from third party attackers. Integrating Cyber Security into the […]

The U.S. Extends Huawei Ban For Another Three Months

The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration on 19 August issued an extension of the ban of the Chinese smartphone and technological equipment manufacturing company, Huawei, from the United States Market. The initiative will provide some issues for the U.S. companies that relied on Huawei equipment to perform their […]

COSO Is Preparing A New Set Of Risk Guidance For Cybersecurity, Compliance

The Committee of Sponsoring Organization of the Treadway Commission is making preparations to develop new risk guidance policies for companies to manage their cybersecurity threats. The expectation from the committee toward the companies is a well-structured key methodology of risk management that the enterprises would conduct toward encountering cyberattacks, crafting […]

L.A Department Of Water And Power Was Under Investigation By The FBI, Including Cybersecurity Issue

The FBI investigated the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) due to newly reviewed portions of the warrant served at DWP during the raid last month, which indicates a broader federal probe than was previously known. Last month, the FBI raided the department to find the documents related […]