Prue Allen

About Prue Allen

Prue grew up in Melbourne, completed a Masters of International Relations in Queensland and is now happy to call Phnom Penh home. Currently she is one of WhyDev’s inaugural Fellows, working with SHE Investments, a social enterprise dedicated to women's empowerment. Prue is a passionate advocate for gender equality and is interested in learning more about the connection between women and peace-building. She believes life is a balance, particularly between her love of hiking and her fear of snakes.

Concerning Human Rights Trends In Asia

Despite experiencing rapid development, a review of human rights and the strength of democracy in the Asian region yields increasingly dismal results. Growth and progress, whilst commendable, have prioritised economics over people, failing to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms. Extrajudicial killings, modern slavery and repressed civil society are alarmingly […]

Philippines’ Duterte Sets Ominous Tone For Impending Presidency

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has already proved true to controversial form, drawing condemnation for comments made in regards to murdered journalists in the Philippines. On Monday, two United Nations Independent Experts released a damning statement against Duterte’s comments, made at a press conference on May 31. The statement called on Duterte […]

Cambodia’s ‘Black Monday’ Protests Continue Despite Crackdown

Cambodia’s ‘Black Monday’ Protests Continue Despite Crackdown The arrest of a further five rights activists earlier this week has signalled the continuation of Cambodia’s ‘Black Monday’ Protests, despite Government crackdowns against the movement. Five women were arrested on Monday by police in riot gear as they gathered, wearing black, to […]