Nial Perry

About Nial Perry

Nial (he/him) is a Junior Correspondent interested in global politics - particularly disagreements within and between countries. Nial advocates for transparent and honest international diplomacy in line with the beliefs of the OWP. He has been writing for the Organization since June 2020.

The Price Of Parties

Students at U.K. universities are returning to start the academic year. With coronavirus circulating, courses online, and clubs closed, they enter a year like no other. But some are opting to party as if it’s 1999 and nothing has changed. At what price?  Their urge to socialize is understandable. Between […]

Coronavirus Threatens Men, But Its Consequences Loom Larger For Women

Gender inequality has been exposed and exacerbated throughout the pandemic. Though SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, regards men and women as equal (i.e. equally-suitable hosts for its mission to self-replicate), humanity’s efforts to hamper its spread have disadvantaged women more than men.  Prior to lockdown, there was a notable […]


Libraries across Hong Kong have begun clearing their shelves of pro-democracy books. So far, nine titles have been culled from public libraries in the region, including books by young activist Joshua Wong and pro-democracy politician Tanya Chan. The books are under review, to determine whether they comply with Hong Kong’s […]