Carolina Morison

About Carolina Morison

Carolina is a research economist with a professional background in financial markets. Carolina's academic studies in political economics and international relations have driven her passion for international political relations, public diplomacy and world food trade and security.

First People’s Voice

More than two years after the end of the United Nation’s (UN) Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, recognition of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Peoples of Australia remains un-satisfyingly unfulfilled. Momentum and aspirations to achieve recognition through increased cultural awareness and celebration […]

The Long Shadow Of Pinochet’s Dictatorship

The memory of collective trauma is said to last far longer than its initial impact and is often carried across generations beyond those who lived through the immediate impact. This is certainly true of Chile’s national trauma, which continues to resonate nearly thirty years after the country ended General Pinochet’s […]

A Year On From The World Humanitarian Summit

The flow of funds allocated by nations towards Official Development Assistance (ODA) depends on the commitment of state leaders and the political climate of cooperation. Participants to the UN Secretary General’s 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, held in Istanbul, Turkey, resolved to pursue a five-point ‘Agenda for Humanity’ to guide a […]

Mayday…Mayday…Mayday… Asylum Seeker Deaths at Sea

The number of asylum seekers and migrants journeying across the Mediterranean Sea in search of refuge in Europe continues to rise higher, reflecting the escalating crisis of displaced people across the world. Proportionately, as more people risk their lives on the sea, the numbers presumed to have disappeared and drowned […]

Don’t Shoot The Messenger: Freedom Of Expression

May 3rd marked World Press Freedom Day, as inaugurated by the UN General Assembly in 1993. This year’s theme, Critical Minds for Critical Times, will observe the pivotal role played by world media representatives in promoting informed, engaged, and developed societies. The day also remembers media workers, particularly journalists, who […]

World Feast, Famine, And Conflict

International agents forecast world cereal supply will remain near record levels over the next year following consecutive harvests of record wheat and corn in major grain producing countries. Ample supplies to satisfy projected world consumption levels, relative to the rate of population growth, mean the capacity to attain the Sustainable […]

For What Its Worth: World Military Spending

World military spending in 2017 will likely rise faster than it has in several years, as it is being driven primarily by government commitments to invest more into state military budgets. Yet, while governments claim motives to raise military expenditure are in response to systemic shifts in the geopolitical system, […]

US Unilateralism Against A Single Planet For All

The Executive Secretary to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Christina Figueres, described 2015’s COP21 Sustainable Innovation Forum, (known less formally as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change) as a historic universal pledge of “cooperation, vision, responsibility and a shared humanity.” Yet, less than six months after the […]

Australia’s “Angry Summer” Driven By Climate Change

Australia’s independent Climate Council recently released a report titled “Angry Summer 2016/2017: Climate Change Super-Charging Extreme Weather.” The paper detailed key findings relating to Australia’s 2016/17 summer and the impact of intense heat waves across the majority of Australia’s east coast, contrasted with record summer rainfalls and flooding in the […]

The Power Of One In Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia has led the country’s dominant political party, the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), for over thirty years. Despite the passage of time, Hun Sen’s leadership over the political landscape appears ironclad, raising unease amongst international observers and causing them to worry that the nation’s upcoming […]