Patrick Mills-Munday

About Patrick Mills-Munday

I am currently a third-year student at Victoria University studying International Relations and Political Science.My passion is International Relations and as such, I have a great interest in world events. Working for the OWP allows me, not only keep up with current events but to actively engage with them. Through this engagement I am able to support a cause which I am a strong believer in, namely world peace.

Migrants Facing Oppressive, Systematic And Violent Resistance On The Croatian Boarder

Overwhelming evidence of Croatian police exercising unnecessary and unprovoked violence towards migrants has made this ongoing issue hard to ignore. Therefore, why are the UN and EU continuing to praise and fund this inhumane method of patrolling the longest land border in the European Union? The answer to this question […]

Libya: Is the UN At Fault For The Growing Humanitarian Crisis?

Addressing Geneva on the 14th of November, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein expressed his great concern over the suffering of detained migrants and refugees in Libya. Hussein made it clear that in his, and many other’s eyes, there are a multitude of clear failures in the United Nations policy of assisting […]

The Hong Kong Protests: Aspirations, Tensions, And Freedom

The 9th of June 2019 saw an estimated one million people take to the streets to voice their concerns with the newly proposed extradition bill which would allow for criminal suspects to be extradited to China and Taiwan. This unprecedented response was founded on the backs of critics who warned […]