Oscar Aston

About Oscar Aston

I'm a recent graduate from the University of Manchester with an MSc in International Development; Environment Climate Change and Development, and a BSocSc in Politics and International Relations. As part of my masters, I took a particular interest in wildlife conservation, and the conflicting interests of wildlife conservation and human development. This interest culminated in my dissertation in which I analysed celebrity interactions in conservation advocacy. Additionally, I have an interest in the seemingly growing tide of nationalism around the world, both in the UK, US, as well as my home country of Spain.

Conflict In Wildlife Conservation: The Destructive Impacts Of Conservation Practice On Local Communities

As with most industries that rely on transnational funding and support, Covid-19 has drastically impacted conservation work. Sources of funding for major conservation non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have dried up, with the virus’ more localized impacts taking precedence over the distant and exotic lands in which these organizations operate. As highlighted […]

‘Sportswashing’ In The Premiership: Newcastle’s Imminent Takeover By The Saudi Crown Prince 2

The Issue At Hand Newcastle United Football Club is on the verge of a £300 million takeover by a Saudi-led consortium, backed by the nation’s Public Investment Fund. If the deal goes through, the group would control 80% of the club, making Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MbS), who chairs […]

The Greek Refugee Crisis: How COVID-19 Is Altering The EU’s Response

E.U. member states have so far faced some of the worst impacts from the COVID-19 crisis. Key members of the bloc, including Spain, Italy, and Belgium, have noted some of the highest number of cases and deaths per capita worldwide. The vast majority of its population has experienced some element […]