Author: Olivia Abbott

Human Rights Activists In Afghanistan Are Under Increased Attack, Amnesty International Report States

In a briefing released on the 28th August Amnesty International reported that Afghanistan’s human rights community are under increased attacks from the authorities and armed groups. The report Defenseless Defenders: Attacks on Afghanistan’s Human Rights Community, claims activists and human rights defenders face intensifying intimidation, harassment, threats and violence. In September

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Fear And Racism In The White House: Trump’s Racist Attacks On ‘The Squad’ Expose The President’s Fear Of Progressive Politics

Over the past couple of weeks, President Trump has articulated numerous racist attacks towards rightful citizens of the United States. The vicious spiral of hate begun on 14 July on Twitter, as Trump first attacked four Democratic congresswomen – all women of colour – by demanding that they “go back

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U.N. Demands U.K. Relinquishes Control Of Chagos Islands

On 22 May 2019, the U.N. passed a non-binding resolution demanding the U.K. to return control of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius. Approved by 116 votes to 6, the British occupation of the islands has been rendered unlawful. The resolution was opposed by the U.S., Australia, Hungary, Israel and the

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U.K. Parliament Declares Climate Emergency

British MP’s have approved a motion declaring an environment and climate emergency. The motion had been called by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who considered the motion “a huge step forward”. The government’s action comes after Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests, which managed to successfully block off major areas of London

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Unlawful UK Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia Continue To Fund The War In Yemen, Despite Millions Spent On UK Humanitarian Aid Assistance

The United Kingdom (UK) government continues to trade millions of pounds worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. Since violence broke out in March 2015, the British government has authorized over £4.7 billion of arms exports to Saudi Arabia and a further £860 million to United Arab Emirates (UAE)-led coalition forces.

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Bangladesh Proposes A ‘Safe Zone’ For Rohingya Refugees

Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister, Ak Abdul Momen, has proposed establishing a ‘safe zone’ for Rohingya Refugees in Myanmar. In an interview with media reporters in Dhaka last Sunday, Momen declared that Bangladesh expected to work with China, Russia and India in order to tackle the Rohingya refugee crisis. Under the supervision

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