Author: Nicholas Krol

EU Initiates Infringement Proceedings Against Poland

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda surprised many when he vetoed two out of three controversial laws aimed at reforming the judiciary tabled by his own party, Law and Justice (PiS). Duda’s rejection of the laws marks his first break with PiS’s radical agenda since his election in late 2015. His decision

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In Poland, Law And Justice Threaten Law And Justice

Thousands gathered in protest outside court buildings in Poland last weekend, against the proposal of a draft law which would dismiss the entire Supreme Court with immediate effect and give the justice minister the power to decide which judges can stay. Two other contentious bills, having passed through parliament on

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Would A European Peacekeeping Force Help Keep Regional Peace?

Rumours of EU armed forces marching under Brussels’ command always guarantee a mixed bag of responses: raised eyebrows among cynics; clenched fists among Eurosceptics; jitters in neutral countries. Time and again, Eurocrats and diligent commentators calm the waters and point to the political and practical realities. To quote EU High

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