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About Nishtha Sharma

Nishtha Sharma is an undergraduate student of International and Global Studies at the University of Sydney majoring in Government and International Relations and American Studies. Her research interests include North America and Asia. As an International and Global Studies student, the OWP has provided her with a platform to research and produce articles and reports about issues of global importance. She is currently working as a correspondent in the Australian Division of the OWP.

UN Launches International Investigation Into Allegations Of Ethnic Cleansing In Myanmar

The United Nations Human Rights Council has passed a resolution warranting an international fact-finding mission to investigate allegations of killings, rape, and torture of the Rohingya people by Myanmar’s military and security forces in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state. The UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution brought by the European […]

Sea Slaves: The Violation Of Human Rights Within The Fishing Industry In Southeast Asia

In March 2015, after 18 months of investigation, Associated Press (AP) journalists first traced the seafood available in supermarkets across the world to the abusive practices of human trafficking and slavery within the fishing industry in Southeast Asia. The Associated Press reported that “this intricate web of connections separates the […]

Globalization And The Fight For Human Rights And Environmentalism

Globalization has been understood both as a threat and an opportunity in the global fight for environmentalism and human rights. Many indigenous groups often face increasing pressures from global neoliberal institutions as they struggle to retain their way of life through the high tides of globalization. However, because globalization is […]

West Africa: A Triumph And Defeat For Democracy In 2016

West Africa has witnessed both a win and a loss for democracy in the region since national elections were held in both Ghana and Gambia. While Nana Akufo-Addo, the leader of Ghana’s opposition New Patriotic Party won the nation’s seventh election since its return to multiparty democracy in 1992, Gambia’s […]

Japan Reveals Its Vientiane Vision In Laos

During the second ASEAN-Japan Defense Ministers’ Informal Meeting, Japanese Defence Minister Tomomi Inada announced the “Vientiane Vision” and unveiled plans for closer security collaboration between Tokyo and the 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) during a visit to Laos on 16 November. Japan seeks to advance […]

Are Liberal-Democracies In Crisis?

For many, liberal democracies have become analogous with political and economic dysfunction, all whilst overextending their commitments overseas amidst an inability to rescue its own citizens from cycles of economic bust and booms. Even in established liberal democracies like Australia and the United States, flaws in our political institutions have […]

Food Crisis Sparks Further Unrest In Venezuela

Amidst reports that around 90 percent of Venezuelans can no longer afford to buy food, the Venezuelan food crisis has exacerbated. Opposition protests against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro mobilised a million demonstrators in the nation’s capital Caracas on Thursday. Demonstrators yelling “Venezuela is hungry” and “this government is going to […]

South Korea Faces North Korea’s Nuclear Reality

  Amidst increasing fears about North Korea’s nuclear reality, South Korea has witnessed retaliatory public sentiment in favour of the nation going nuclear. South Korea has followed the policy of non-proliferation as a signatory to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. However, as a result of growing security fears and challenges […]

UNICEF Expresses Concerns Over India’s Child Labour Bill

UN agency UNICEF has expressed its concerns regarding provisions in India’s Child Labour Amendment Bill, 2016 that allows a child to help out in family enterprises after school hours. The agency claims that the amendments will negatively impact children from lower socio-economic backgrounds and will legitimise family work. The bill […]

UN Expresses Discontent with States Withdrawing Troops from South Sudan

The UN has expressed concern after Britain withdrew two police officers while Germany and Sweden withdrew seven and three police officers respectively, according to a UN memo. It also said the United States was reportedly planning to withdraw nine police and that Norway was planning to repatriate one police officer […]