Niru Ghoshal-Datta

About Niru Ghoshal-Datta

Niru is an Economics student at the University of California, Santa Cruz who has a strong interest in domestic and international policy issues.

California’s Controversial Prop. 24 Seeks To Establish The Strongest Data Regulations Ever Seen In The U.S.

This November, Californian voters will be faced with the decision of approving Proposition 24, or the California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act, which would establish increased data privacy regulations within the home state of Silicon Valley. Supporters of the legislation claim it will further advance California’s already progressive record on […]

Federal Reserve Institutes Sweeping Transformation of U.S. Monetary Policy

The U.S. Federal Reserve has officially announced that it has transitioned the central goal of its monetary policy towards maximizing employment throughout the country. Although this seems like a sensible response to the current record high levels of unemployment in the U.S., it goes against what has been the hallmark […]

Killing Of American Citizen In Pakistan Sparks Outrage Over The Country’s Blasphemy Laws

An American citizen accused of violating Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws was recently gunned down during the middle of his trial in Peshawar, Pakistan.  The victim of this extrajudicial killing, Tahir Naseem, was a Pakistani-American from Illinois who was also a member of Pakistan’s Ahmadi muslim community. This religious minority group […]

U.S-China Relationship Intensifies After The Shutdown Of Chinese Consulate In Houston

Tensions between the United States and China have significantly escalated after the Trump administration recently forced a Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas to shutdown.  The U.S. State Department officially ordered the closure of the consulate on July 21st, making the staff in the consulate immediately respond by burning and destroying […]

Trump Suspends All H1-B Visas And Green Cards For Foreign Workers

The Trump administration has recently moved to drastically expand immigration restrictions in the U.S. by freezing the issuance of all green cards and H1-B related visas for foreign workers and their dependents. On June 22nd, 2020, President Trump authorized this policy via executive order, and it officially became enacted throughout […]

U.S. Tightens Syrian Sanctions Through The Caesar Act

In a sweeping move earlier this week, the United States officially imposed a new round of sanctions on the Syrian government—effectively cutting off the already war-torn country from the world economy. The legislation that made this possible, the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, was named in honour of a Syrian […]