Nicholas Goldstein

After ISIS

Earlier this week, the BBC published a report about the future of Fallujah, a city in Iraq left in ruins after being held by ISIS. After Fallujah was freed from ISIS’s control, evidence was found of the harsh treatment in the city – now a feature of ISIS presence. The […]

America’s Disgrace

In January 2002, the United States set up the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention centre. Allegations against Guantanamo Bay have included that of sexual violation, torture, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, and beatings. It has been used to hold what the Department of Defence has called “high-value” targets without trial, and exists […]

Venezuela’s Deep Divisions

Venezuela’s entrenched divisions have once again flared up, this time in response to President Nicolas Maduro’s pledge to go ahead reshaping the government. Time Magazine has reported that anti-government protests in Venezuela have left two dead. Masked protesters mounted a blockade around the capital, Caracas, and grew violent, effectively isolating […]