Author: Nathaniel Gattuso

U.S. Surveillance Changes Lead E.U. To Approve Data Sharing Agreement

The European Commission has approved a framework agreement that allows the free transfer of data between Europe and the U.S., voting that new steps by the U.S. intelligence community to safeguard European citizens’ data provide an “adequate level of data protection.” The approval comes after two previous frameworks were rejected

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Wagner Forces In Africa Reduced: Who Has Feet On The Continent?

Hundreds of troops from the Wagner paramilitary group were seen on video leaving the Central African Republic, raising questions over the future of Russia’s paramilitary influence on the continent in the wake of Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin’s failed mutiny and later death. The video corroborates reporting from Jeune Afrique and

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Secret Talks Re-Open Channel Between U.S. And Iran

American and Iranian officials secretly met in Oman last month to discuss an informal agreement which would return Americans held in Iranian custody and limits on the Iranian nuclear program. The talks represent this first dialogue between the nations after months of Iran refusing contact. Among the proposals discussed was

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