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Nat has a strongly vested interest in human rights, social justice and diplomacy. Writing for The OWP has enabled Nat to engage with her passions and enrich her knowledge of pressing international matters. Natasha looks forward to continuing her commitment with The OWP.

South Sudanese Military Court Delivers Guilty Verdict Against Soldiers Convicted Of The Brutal Rape And Murder

In early September, the South Sudanese Military Court held ten soldiers guilty for the crime of brutal ‘rape against foreign aid workers and the murder of a South Sudanese journalist during 2016.’ Indeed, news sources have defined the crime ‘as the worst attack against foreigners.’ The court ordered that a […]

Indian Judicial Activism: A Strong And Crucial Step Forward For The LGBTQI Community

September 6th marked a historic and long-awaited turn in the chapter of the Indian gay rights movement. The Indian Supreme court struck down a quintessentially age-old and outdated law, which criminalized gay sex. Specifically, as outlined by Aljazeera online, the substance of the struck down law is as follows, “Section […]

Ethnic Violence Southern Ethiopia: Roots, Causes And The Way Forward

UN News online reports that beginning from late April this year, the volatility of pre-existing ethnic tensions were exacerbated by harshness of the nation’s climate and the scarcity of resources. These two factors have resulted in mass displacement of people, and the onset of severe violence. As such, UN News […]

The Rohingya Diaspora In Bangladesh

The politically persecuted Rohingya heralding from the Burmese nation state have sought refuge in neighboring countries, particularly that of Bangladesh, though escape from brutality is not akin to  escape from hardship- as survival in a foreign land proves beyond difficult. Briefly, the Rohingya officially became a stateless people in 1982 […]

Australia’s Refugee Policy Demonstrates Ignorance Towards the Rights Children

The Guardian and the Refugee Council of Australia (‘RCA’) has reported that the current processing regime emulated by Australian authorities has a destructive impact upon the physical and psychological well-being and safety of refugee children. With the RCA in particular noting that the environment of offshore processing is unsuitable and, […]

South Sudanese Children And The Raging War: A Childhood Lost

U.N.I.C.E.F. reports that a vast majority of South Sudanese children have known nothing more than the chaos and destructive raged by war. U.N.I.C.E.F. reports that the nation-state erupted into a state of civil war in 2013, the result of which has been the mass brutalization of young children- with the […]

The War Against Innocents: The April Douma Attacks

The chapters of the Syrian War appear cyclical and endless, with the only apparent victory, attained by malignant forces, emanating from the rising civilian body count over the years. April 7th of 2018, inked into the pages of Syrian warfare, the death and suffering of dozens, and possibly hundreds of […]

South Sudan: Bloodshed And Brutality – A Land Without Peace

The bloodshed, debauchery, and havoc girth by the Sudanese civilian war, with the April 16th to May 24th period witnessing a significant escalation in the use of violence against civilians, inks another gory chapter into the South Sudanese war. Gender-based violence, ignorant of age, has been utilized as a fore-runner […]

Veil Lifted: Female Empowerment And The Right To Drive In Saudi Arabia

June 28th of 2018, marked a significant and necessary shift in the empowerment of Saudi Arabian women, as by the way of royal decree the prohibition against female drivers was annulled. Although appearing to be a win against gender based discrimination in Saudi Arabia, it is merely the spawn of […]