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Neelam Champaneri is an OWP Correspondent for the Canadian division. Holding a degree in English and Political Science from York University, Neelam thoroughly enjoys writing and current events. Her areas of interest are Middle Eastern politics, and democracy and technologies.

Aboriginal Rights: Canada’s Mining Industry Safety Inquiry

British Columbian First Nations groups, environmentalists, as well as other medical and community leaders have created a coalition in the Canadian province to call on the government to launch an inquiry into the mining initiatives and its effect on Aboriginal heritage sights and wildlife. Calvin Sandborn, legal director of the […]

Syrian Peace Talks: What Exactly Is Russia’s Role?

  To loosely say a Cold War is brewing among the hemispheres is an understatement in today’s world. Aleppo, once considered an iconic Middle Eastern city, is on the cusp of extinction. The United Nations Special Envoy for Syria expressed: “Between now and December, if we cannot find a solution, Aleppo […]

Canada to Send 450 Troops to Latvia for NATO Mission against Russia

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday July 8th that the state will be deploying 450 troops to Latvia as a part of a NATO mission in response to the Russian invasion of three bordering Baltic NATO nations, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The three states have requested NATO to have […]

Tens Of Millions Of People Still Displaced Worldwide: World Refugee Day

Just in time for World Refugee Day (June 20th), the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) released its displacement statistic, stating 65.3 million individuals were displaced in 2015, alone. The UNHCR states this is a record-breaking statistic and exceeds any numbers recorded since the organization began its records. This sets a […]

Mounting Saudi-Iran Tensions Expanding ‘Anti-Iran’ Campaign Overseas?

  Saudi Arabia’s ‘anti-Iran’ campaign has made its way overseas, and it is gathering supporters in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This campaign’s main motive is to counter the Sunni and Shi’a rivalry, with Saudi Arabia being predominantly Sunni and Iran the latter. This conflict, paired with Iran’s relief of […]

Role Of The Media: Orientalism, Trump, And The Protection Of Muslims

  American media coverage of the Middle East has been questionable since 9/11. America has framed the Middle East as a region of violence, and itself as a victim of terrorism. This in turn produces expressions of anxieties amongst Americans, which develops into racism, as they blame Muslims for their […]

North Korea: Ballistic Missile Test Deemed Successful

  On April 23rd, North Korea conducted a submarine ballistic missile test under the supervision of Kim Jong Un. It was deemed successful, and, as the Globe and Mail reported, “one more means for powerful nuclear attack.” According to the North Korean Central News Agency (KNCA), the test “fully confirmed […]

Jerusalem Bus Explosion in Light of Passover

In what is being suspected to be a terrorist attack, approximately 21 people were injured by a bus explosion in Jerusalem on April 18th. This blast happened in light of the upcoming Passover, a Jewish holiday beginning on April 18th ending on April 30th. This incident is also one of many acts of […]

Drones And HIV: Antiretroviral Delivery To African Nations

  Considered to be a breakthrough in medical delivery, drones are now being used to transport antiretroviral medications from urban hospitals to rural labs to treat civilians infected with HIV/AIDS. Last week, UNICEF and the government of Malawi joined together for a pilot program to test whether these drones can […]

Cyber Security: Social Regulation Versus Governmental Cencorship

ISIS: Feminism, Globalization, And Radicalization

  The Islamic State, commonly known as IS, and synonymous with ISIS, has garnered attention in the media lately for recruiting women for their campaign. These women are groomed online, and are then convinced Syria positively awaits them. Along with audio and visual presentations ISIS posts online to promote their […]