Mumbi Njau

Will The Next UK Government Stand Up For Human Rights Defenders?

The United Kingdom is doing all things possible to ensure that they protect human rights defenders globally. In support of this, the UK has recently published guidelines for the protection and support of rights defenders around the world. The guidelines praise human rights defenders for their courageous work. Human rights defenders […]

Will The Next President Of Mauritania Stand Against The Violation Of Human Rights?

Amnesty International together with other local human rights organizations in Mauritania is calling on all the candidates to come out for this month’s presidential elections to sign a manifesto that consists of various programs to promote and protect human rights. Mauritanians want a president who will be able to urgently […]

Will Sudan Protests Accept The Call Of The Ruling Military Council To Discuss Immediate Transfer Of Power To The Transitional Civilian Council

Sudan’s protests are still yet to come to a consensus with the ruling council. This is because even after disposing of Omar al-Bashir, the ruling military has not met the protesters’ demands to form a new interim civilian council and disband the transitional military council. The ruling council said that […]