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I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Government and International Relations) from the University of Sydney and presently write with the Organization for World Peace. I'm also part of the Editing division and have a keen interest in covering current affairs, politics and international relations at all levels.

Digesting The Abraham Agreement

The recent normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing geopolitical conflict between Israel and the Arab world. The decision has been met with both praise and criticism. Whether this normalization deal is enough to stabilize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – as […]

Hong Kong – So Much For One Country, Two Systems…

The National People’s Congress of China has undermined the autonomy of Hong Kong yet again with its decision to enact controversial security legislation. The law in question will see “separatism” and “foreign interference” outlawed along with “dissent.” Vague terminology like this deliberately confuses critics of China in Hong Kong and […]

What We Must Be Cautious Of After Coronavirus

Australia’s economic reliance on China has revealed itself to be a weakness in the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis. Throughout the early 2000s, Chinese economic growth brought with it the conventional wisdom that liberalization, openness and freedom would permeate the authoritarian regime controlling China. However, this did not happen. […]

Bad Judgement: We Can’t Ignore China’s Actions In Hong Kong’s Judiciary

The struggle for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong continues. While protests have effectively stopped, there has been an ongoing development in the city state’s judiciary system with judges, diplomats and lawyers informing Reuters that Beijing’s efforts to crackdown on the protesters have extended even further – despite the onset […]

The World Must Keep An Even Closer Eye On Hong Kong

Events in Hong Kong are at a tipping point. As recently as 12 August, Chinese People’s Armed Police Force vessels were spotted in the border city of Shenzhen. International attention on the protests in Hong Kong has been widespread over the past ten weeks; however, this new development suggests that […]

The New Sudanese Transitional Agreement Warrants Healthy Scepticism 1

Hopes of a transition to civilian rule in Sudan were revitalized earlier this month with a new power sharing agreement finalized between the Transitional Military Council and Sudan’s Forces of Freedom and Change.  The power sharing agreement is the result of an ongoing dispute between transitional military council figures and […]

A New Step For Sudan?

In December 2018 Sudanese citizens protested austerity measures imposed by President Omar Al-Bashir designed to prevent financial collapse. This included a cut to bread and fuel subsidies – enough to spark a mass protest in the nation’s capital, Khartoum. This mass demonstration evolved into calls for Bashir’s total removal along […]