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About Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell is an emerging writer and filmmaker living in Florida. He is currently working on his Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy at Jacksonville University, with three minors in Music, Jazz Studies, and Film. Patrick has been with the OWP since early 2020 and is currently a Senior Correspondent Writer. As a firm believer in the power of political and social discourse, Patrick writes to help spark discussion and sees the OWP as a strong outlet for such dialogue.

Trickle-Down Accountability: The Kenosha Shooting & Civil Unrest

What was at first thought to be a knee-jerk reaction, a simple trend in social activism, has proven itself once again to be a movement showing no signs of slowing down. This past week, Black Lives Matter protests hit the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the police shooting of Jacob […]

America First: How 2020 Will Shape The US

On Thursday of this past week, Presidential nominee Joe Biden unveiled his plan to revive the US economy from the fallout of the coronavirus-related recession with a pledge to “build back better.” In other words, he promised a vision of economic success, one that appears over-optimistic as we reach the […]

“We Are Where We Are:” U.S. Hits Record High In Daily Cases

Based on figures from John Hopkins University, the U.S. recorded an all-time daily high of 40,000 Coronavirus infections on Thursday. Considering many other Western countries are seeing loosened restrictions following strict lockdowns and strong civilian participation in social distancing protocols, the U.S. is once again showing its true colors: a […]

Peace To Prosperity: Netanyahu Moves To Annex The West Bank

“We don’t know what are the plans regarding the rights of the Palestinians residing in these territories,” said Tamar Hermann, a public opinion analyst at the Israel Democracy Institute. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is maintaining the timeline to annex parts of the West Bank and thus expand Israel’s sovereignty over […]

The Rohingya Crisis: The Dirt Under Another’s Shoe

An Unknown Crisis, An Ignored People On 15 May 2020, it was reported that the first coronavirus case has been detected in one of Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee camps, according to Aljazeera. This settlement in southern Bangladesh is home to a million refugees and fears have risen as to the possible […]

Indirect Invasion? U.S Denies Venezuelan Coup Involvement

The Issue At Hand While the global community continues to face the unprecedented ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of international espionage and military incursions continues to functional as normal. Today, President Donald Trump denied official U.S involvement in the failed coup plot against his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro. […]