Author: Madison Kuchar

Ghanian Women And Agriculture

The mainstream principles within Ghana remain unconstructed, which has resulted in women occupying a marginal role in both thought and development. Various policies that are implemented often have the potential to contain obligatory references to women. Through examining multiple social actors and agriculture policies, it is evident that a great

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Gender Inequality In Factory Based-Work In China

Gender disparities in the workforce in China have become increasingly visible. Gender inequalities remain existent within all aspects of life for Chinese women. However, these inequalities are particularly prominent within factory-based work. Through factory-based work, the status and role of women have declined on an international scale. The increase of

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Living Conditions In Brazil Amongst COVID-19 Safety Measures

As the global pandemic continues to unfold, Brazil has been severely affected by COVID-19, climbing to one of the world’s top hotspots for the virus. Brazil is filled with many marginalized communities that are faced with poor living conditions. The impact of these harsh living conditions can ultimately be translated

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Violence Erupts In Western Ethiopia

The violence erupting in Western Ethiopia has been a result of disparities within the country. The summer of 2020 has caused the citizens to be trapped in an increasing state of separation and civil unrest, leaving approximately 239 people dead and 3500 arrested. This eruption of violence sparked following the

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