Author: Matthew Gold

Johnson Government To Politicise Aid In DfID Merger

The UK government has announced that the Department for International Development will be merged with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with the expectation that a new department will take their places in September this year. The new department, to be called the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) will absorb

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The 30-Year Global Private Prison Experiment Has Failed

This report will look at the experiences of countries where private prisons are most heavily relied upon to show why their use is so often detrimental to all involved (except big corporations). The four countries which account for the majority of their use are the U.S., Australia, the U.K. and

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Over 20 Dead In Terrorist Attack On Burkina Faso Gold Mine

On 4 October, security sources in Burkina Faso claimed that Islamist terrorist groups attacked a gold mine in the northern province of Soum, killing 20 people. It is believed that Islamist terrorist organizations are to blame, as they have increased their insurgent activities in recent years, but it is yet

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British Government’s No-Deal “Yellowhammer” Projections Released By Government; Life Threatening Transition Predicted

Boris Johnson’s government this week has been forced by Parliament to release its Yellowhammer report which illustrates their projections for a no-deal Brexit scenario, which includes severe delays at ports, potential food and medicine shortages, as well as a rise in the price of energy across the U.K. With the

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U.K. Home Office Considering £36,700 Wage Floor For Migrants Seeking Entry To The U.K.; How Does This Fit In With Recent Immigration Policy?

Ex-Conservative Party leader and Member of Parliament for Chingford, Iain Duncan Smith, last month recommended to new Home Secretary Priti Patel that the government increase the minimum threshold that an immigrant must earn to be granted entry to the U.K. be set at £36,700 after Brexit. This is greater than

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