Mélusine Lebret

About Mélusine Lebret

Student as an undergraduate in European Social and Political Studies at University College London (UCL). Specialising in Economics and Russian, I focus on the analysis of global crises, searching for long-term inclusive solutions to international conflicts and inequalities. Working at the OWP as a Junior Correspondent, I am passionate about writing and aim to promote the respect of human rights as well as advocate for more green resolutions.

The LGBT+ Community Is Thumbing Its Nose At White Supremacists With #ProudBoys

“Proud Boys, stand back and stand by” Donald Trump ordered the white supremacist all-men group, during the dispiriting presidential debate of September 30. When asked to condemn the rightwing militia, Trump, as is his custom, could only come up with this highly controversial line. This lead to a tremendous shiver […]

Waorani Leader Nominated As A 2020 TIME100 Honoree Blazes A Trail For The Protection Of The Amazon

Everyone remembers the triumphal victory of the Ecuadorian Amazon Indigenous people in last year’s historic lawsuit of the Waorani Organization of Pastaza (CONCONAWEP) against several ministries of the Ecuadorian government who wanted to sell Waorani lands to oil companies. The passionate Nemonte Nenquimo, first female president of CONCONAWEP and co-founder […]

The Sprint To Reach For The Stars Accelerates With Potential Life Discovery On Venus

The fight for the stars, nowadays known as ‘the second space-race,’ began when Mars was first considered as a future home for humanity. Today, the detection of phosphine fingerprints in the atmosphere of Venus constitutes a powerful peace-agitator in the status quo of space exploration. Indeed, Earth’s evil twin could become […]

Tensions Escalate During Belarus’s Third Week Of Protests

The people of Belarus appear determined to continue showing their disapproval of the early August presidential poll that credited incumbent ‘Europe’s last dictator’, Aleksander Lukashenko. Three weeks after the result, the crackdown is fierce. The Anti-Cockroach Revolution counts more than 7,000 arrests and 200 wounded, which alarms international peacemakers. This […]